how to smoke a venison ham... (roast)

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by oonighttrain, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. oonighttrain

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    i have a hunk of venison that i believe is a roast.. maybe a ham?? not sure..

    i have it soaking in butter milk right now..

    its probably 7 pounds or so..

    what temp should i use, how long? what temp should i get it to?
  2. deejaydebi

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  3. gramason

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    Did a fresh deer roast yesterday, I rubbed it and wrapped with bacon. It turned out great, very moist. Cooked to 160.
  4. richtee

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  5. peculiarmike

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    Sister-In-Law down in Houston has an old wooden spoon with a pointed handle. She pokes a bunch of holes in a venison roast then inserts strips of jalapeno pepper (you can use a thin blade knife). Wraps the roast with bacon and into the oven.
    Makes a really good roast. You get a bit of pepper here and there in the slices and the bacon kept it from totally drying out. Gotta watch venison, no fat.
    Made some good sammies.
    Pretty sure this would work in a smoker and add some super flavor. I don't have any roasts or I would try it.
    MO is in muzzleloader season now, I might stoke up the smokepole and go see if I can get another one if the weather holds. [​IMG]

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