how to pork sirloin roast 2.5lb

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bkos, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. bkos

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    I have applied my rub and placed the roast into the fridge overnight. My goal here is to do a low and slow smoke say 220 until temp hits 160ish. Foil and spritz with apple cidar until 200. Using my MES, am I going to need water in my drip pan for moisture or not. I will want the bark on the outside and I think If I use water in the pan, it may prevent that. Planning on using hickory and apple chips.

  2. ronp

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    You should always use the water pan, it is what keeps your temps stable.

    That is not a good cut for 200'. better at 160' and slice.

    That is a small roast so watch your temps or it will be dry.

    Good luck whatever you do.
  3. scpatterson

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    Listen to Doc......Doc is wise!!!!!!
  4. bkos

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    Glad I posted that. 160 and slice.

    Thanks Much


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