How to mount thermometers

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by torchrider, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. torchrider

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    My pit below, does not have any thermometers nor ports for a thermometer. I thought about using an internal thermometer but figure that would just make the temp fluctuate evrytime I opened it to look at the thermometer. Can I just drill a couple holes to insert a thermometer to check temp from time to time? Where would you drill the holes? Any other ideas? [​IMG]
  2. timtimmay

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    Two ways to do it, one is mount a thermometer that has a 2/3" probe in it, the other is to put a small hole to run an oven thermometer through.
  3. ddave

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    Try to mount them as close to grate level as possible.

  4. torchrider

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    Thanks Beard. Do you have several holes in your pit and just move the thermometer around, or do you have several thermometers setup? How many can I get away with? Thinking one probe near the cooking surface and one in the meat? How do you mount the probe near the cooking surface?
  5. graybeard

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    Hello torchrider. I use two digitals. One for chamber temp and one for the meat. For the chamber i use a small block of wood with a hole in the middle that I can move around if needed. As for as mounting I just made a small (L) bracket and mounted to my stack. I did use a small piece of fireproof material to keep my gauge from melting! (the stack heats up to 400+ so I'm guessing that's a bit to hot for the gauge. I really like the probe in the end more than in the front so I'm drilling another hole next to the other one and have two probes side by side.
    ALSO, I ground down the (WINGS) where the probe was crimped so the hole could be a perfect fit! GETER SMOKIN AND GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR LEGS!

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