How to get Rank at Smoking Meat Forums

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Jun 28, 2005
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I have set up the ranking system and to put it simply it is based on the number of posts for the most part.

Everyone with at least one post is considered a New User.. once you gain 30 posts you get promomoted automatically to the rank of

Fire Starter

At 75 Posts you get promoted to

Smoke Blower

At 150 posts you get promoted to

Meat Mopper

And at 300 posts you get promoted to

Smoking Fanatic

If you think these are too cheesy then feel free to make better suggestions.. it is all I could come up with at the time :roll:

I also have 2 other ranks which are only given by me and it is merit based.. i.e. I notice how knowledeable and helpful you are over a given period of time and I think it deserves some acknowledgement. These 2 ranks are Smoking Guru and Trusted Source and anyone can gain that rank if you try really hard to be helpful and show good attitude etc..

I think the ranks are good and it gives you some status within the forum as well as gives you something to work towards... a reason to post and be helpful.

I also plan to have lots of contests and such in order to keep it all really fun :)

Like I said... If you have suggestions I am all ears right now.
The quickest way to get rank is to spend 2 - 3 days playing with the smoker without taking a shower.

One night I was so dog tired that I climbed into bed without hitting the shower first. My wife's comment was "Honey, I really like the meats that you smoke, but you really need to take a shower". I tried my best to convince her that I was wearing a new colonge called "Ode de Hickory". She wasn't convinced, she said the shower or the couch. Since I haven't slept on the couch in the 27 years that we have been married, I opted to take a shower! :lol:

Earl D-
LOL.. I am sitting here cracking up. "Ode de Hickory"... I love it. I gotta use that one sometime!

I know what you mean... you come in from smoking for hours and maybe days on end and you are so tired you can't move! And the woman wants you to take a shower?!

How appalling! :shock:

But you know how it is.. if mama aint happy...
I just wanted to congratulate ShaneHolz for making it to the rank of FireStarter.

I am not going to congratulate everyone on the forum when they "rank" up but now while the forum is not extremely busy I am doing that.

We have several others who are well on the way to FireStarter.

Once again... congrats to ShaneHolz!

He has been a very active member on the forum the last few weeks and has made his rank fair and square without posting a bunch of meaningless posts just to gain rank and that is extremely commendable.

Now back to Smoking Meat!
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Thanks Jeff, You just made the common mistake by adding a t to my last name though. Not a big deal, it sounds like it's there but it's not. I'm doing 25lbs of smoked Polish Sausage and 25 lbs of Honey loaf this weekend. Going to be a long weekend. Keep on Smoking

Thanks for pointing that out.. I corrected my post.
Dutch -

I wore a hooded sweatshirt to work I smoked in a few days before and my boss kept saying stand down wind from me will ya I'm on a diet! I have to say the hickory smell made me hungry too!

that is so funny! I was coming up to the end of my brisket yesterday and had to take my Jeep in for a mandatory factory recall, the service guy was like "what's that smell???..He says have ya seen the commercial where the woman has the bacon in her purse at the club? pretty soon your gonna have all the service dudes following you around just like that commercial, you smell like bacon!"

A new fragrance idea perhaps?? ode to the all night smoke???
haha, that was me at walmart the other day. i had to return one of my thermometers that wouldn't sync up to the base. the woman working the counter said "boy i smell bbq and i have no idea where it's coming from." i asked her if it at least smells good and she said "yeah, it sure does! it's making me hungry!" i just started to laugh and said how do you think i found out the thermometer doesn't work? i told her i was smoking a pork butt for pulled pork. she told me that i needed to open up my own joint and that i better bring her some when i was done. i told her i would if she gave me a free propane tank.......needless to say, i never had to take her left overs, lol.
Jeff, I appreciate the ranking. Kind of makes a guy feel a little bit more like one of the group.
I am on the end of a brisket smoke. Didn't pull an all-nighter like in your article but close enough. It was still dark when I started. I really wanted to do this smoke right, brisket is my wife's favorite smoked meat. It looks great.

On the topic of showering and smelling like a boy scout camp. I was so tired last night after getting ready for my early morning, I forgot to shower. Now hovering over the smoke and such I know I'm smelling like a chunk of hot lump charcoal.

I think it was Dutch that coined "Ode de Hickory". Or was it Texas Hunter? Or am I losing my mind?
That was a great post about being followed by mechanics!!

As I was sitting here this evening having a great time reading some absolutely wonderful posts, my mind began to wonder off to that creative place where people go to build weird looking things. -- like, what can I use to build my own smoker:

I have a 13-year-old Ford Aerostar that has almost 195,000 miles on her. It still gets the same gas mileage as the day I bought it (it was great on gas in 1995, but really sucks today). So, being a longtime recycler, I thought, "what I would do with this aging hunk of road metal."

A SMOKER ON WHEELS with a tow hitch. OMG .... !!!

Suddenly, in my mind, I quickly gutted the interior, tossed out the engine to make room for the wood box, cut a hole in the firewall so smoke could get through, cut another hole in the roof and installed a chimney with a damper on it, removed all the windows and riveted sheets of metal over the holes that were left, and kept the rear hatch and all doors operational.

Now, here comes the fun part -- a high capacity truck battery-operated rack of chain-pulled, gear-driven, rotating shelves running the length of the interior, with enough room to hold several little oinkers and anything else I want to smoke (turkeys, chickens, moose, Yak, -- okay, maybe not a Yak).

I do know I will need to do something with this old, un-gas efficient minivan someday soon, so why not convert it to a smoker? Wow, what a way to recycle!!

Now, what can I do with two metal wheelbarrows .... hmmmm.
Saw a fire engine tanker , tank for sale on the way home today , the sick mind starts drifting off to that place

I'll try to get a pic tomarrow , see if anyone wants to build a big smoker near central NY
, By the way it's still on the back wheels
Ya'll are scarin me your as sick and obsessed as I am
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