How much smoke is too much?

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Jul 2, 2007
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I'm smoking some ribs for 4th of July and I want to be sure not to make them too smokey...or is that possible? My flower pot isn't big enough to smoke a full rack o St. Louis style spare ribs so i'm gonna have to smoke em on the grill.
Or you could perhaps use a rib rack? Lowe's and Home Depot have them.
Amount of smoke really is personal preference.

My thoughts are the more smoke the better. For those who do not normally have good Q they tend to like less smoke.

Bottom line it is what you like
come on now
over smoked bitter food is not good Q, but your yight it is a preference.

Brennen did you see that very show that Alton Brown made that flower pot smoker he talked about smoke times? 6 hr or more shouldent be under a heavy smoke as the creosote can build up.
Most smoke masters state you should hardly see a wif of smoke coming from your smoker. I've got to admit, I tend to start out with a fair amount of smoke, but remember, most meats once they reach 140* internal, do not absorb anymore smoke due to the pores in the meat, closing up.
I remember Alton Brown saying that he replaces the wood after smoking stops three times and thats it...but that was for a i'll be doing ribs, I wasn't sure if there was a different technique
Remember that a butt takes alot longer than ribs to do. 9 to 12 hour compared to 4 to 6 for ribs. If you are doing 3-2-1 ribs, I would basically stop after the first 3 hours. I have been known to throw a small chunk in during the last 1 hour, only when guest are around. Makes a better show.
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