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How many us hunt ??

How many of us hunt and what do you hunt with??

  • with a bow

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  • with a rifle

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  • with a black powder rifle

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  • BB gun

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  • all or most of the above

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  • I dont hunt at all

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Smoke Blower
Joined Feb 24, 2010
When I can I get the time to hunt I hunt whitetail, duck, turkey, dove, and rabbits.
For deer I use a Jennings Gale Force compound bow with a 65 lbs draw, and a left handed Savage model 111 in .270...
For Turkey I use the above mentioned bow and my ever trusty 12 gauge Remington 870 Express Magnum...
For Duck and dove's I use the above mentioned 12 gauge shotgun...
For rabbits I use a New England Firearms single shot in .410 or if I'm feeling lucky a Ruger 10/22...

My family is rarely without meat of the wild variety...

I've been thinking about applying for a buffalo tag here in Az and seeing if I can't get lucky and win the draw and actually kill a buffalo. Hell might get a mountain lion tag to if I get that other tag...




Smoke Blower
Joined Nov 4, 2009
I have been hutning deer since I was about 8yrs old. I have not hunted in the last couple of years. Life with 3 kids in sports and working 40+hrs a week have a tendancy to get int he way. My dad and I are going the entire last week of the season this year.
I have several rifles
Weatherby .243
Weatherby 300 Mag
Weatherby 25-06
Winchester model 94 30-30
and old 30-06 my grandfather gave, have not uses this one yet
My favorite is the 30-30 and the .243
If you can tell I like my Weatherbys


Legendary Pitmaster
OTBS Member
Joined Oct 2, 2007
I hunt too.. and eat what I harvest. Also love fishing. :)
I use a 20 gauge, a .243....my favorite is my .30-30 lever action with open sites..
Also use .22s for smaller game...I have other guns but those are my favorite "go to" guns.

I'd love to bow hunt some day...


Meat Mopper
Joined Jul 19, 2007
Love hunting and fishing, weapons of choice are usually either 10-22 or 12 gauge, thick as the cover is around here rarely break out my rifles. Havent bow hunted in awhile, need to get a new bow, black powder gun is an older knight inline, for fishing I use ultra lights for crappie and perch, Falcon rods and Quantam reels for Bass, and for the fat cats 13' custom meat hunters with Abu Garcia 7000 reels.

In the words of a great american " You cant grill it, till you kill it!!" Ted Nugent


Smoking Guru
OTBS Member
Joined Mar 30, 2007
I only fish, but do not fault anyone who hunts. My motto is " Have fish, will trade".


Smoking Fanatic
Joined Nov 21, 2007
I currently am using a Reflex bow at about 55# for deer and pigs. It's all about placement not power. I have a number of shotguns in 12, 20, and.410. I use the .410s and the 20 for doves, and the 12 for squirrels. There's the sweet little Gamo air rifle for backyard cleanup. I also have a 12 loaded with a full rack of 1 ounce slugs for home defense.


Smoking Fanatic
Joined Aug 5, 2009
Was raised to hunt & fish which included morels and blackberrys. When we moved to OK I sold most of the firearms. I kept the 30.30 and a few handguns, & reloading equipment. We haven't fished for a couple years but would like to.
Got involved making sausage & smoking, but would REALLy like an AR-15. To plink with.


Master of the Pit
OTBS Member
Joined Jul 14, 2006
I don't own a weapon, only 18 shotguns , 5 rifles and 2 handguns. Mostly Waterfowl,predator and tree rats with 5k+ rounds of clay a year. I used to have a flok of beagles and shot ALOT of rabbits, but................
I don't eat much wild game anymore, useally give it away to those that want or need it.

I chose BB gun, cuz I shoot BB's at geese, about a 1 1/2oz each trigger pull.

Would like to find time to shoot a end packer, it will happen.

Used to bow hunt, but it conflicted with duck/goose/running beagles and coon huonds. Then I realized that I never seen a fat Indian, so I gave it up.

And know you know why sometimes you see a DRT beside my avatar(Dead Right There)


SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster
OTBS Member
SMF Premier Member
Group Lead
Joined Sep 12, 2009
OOOOPS, I forgot to mention, I used to shoot Carpenter Bees with a BB gun (the ones I couldn't reach with a badminton racket). Sounds funny to you, but My log house gets attacked every year. That shooting stopped last year when I found a great trap for Carpenter bees. I made 10 of them, and caught over 200 Carpenter Bees last year. I probably already have nearly 100 in the traps this year already. I'm anxious to see if after a few years, the number starts to go down.



Meat Mopper
Joined Dec 24, 2006
Been hunting for a long time, since I was a kid, around 40 years or so I guess. Hunt deer, turkeys, small game, coyotes, fox, and used to hunt coons with dogs. Use bows, shotguns, and rifles. Eat the ones that are good to eat, and the others for their hides. Have ate coon before, but not alot.



Master of the Pit
OTBS Member
SMF Premier Member
Joined May 30, 2007
Pheasant, grouse, partridge and deer are my main hunting focuses for food. Whenever I am not at work a firearm is within reaching distance 99% of the time. My go everyday shooters are .22, .223 and 12 gauge.
A month and a half ago I got my first handgun, it is a Springfield Arms XD9mm sub compact for easy carrying and being concealed. I have shot a jack rabbit and a skunk so far with it so far, neither were for eating though, just pest removal !!!


Fire Starter
Joined Apr 28, 2010
I hunt kill, and eat bear, deer, wild hog,, dove, turkey, quail, and various species of fish and use rifle, pistol, and shotgun to put food in the freezer. We don,t buy much meat in the store. Mike


Rest in peace. Lost but not forgotten!!
Staff member
OTBS Member
Joined Feb 3, 2009
Deer and really large bad guys 700 bdl in 7 mag.
Old stevens / savage 12 ga. side by side for any scattergunning.
carry a S&W 357
Got a sweet marlin golden mountie 22 lr lever gun for sniping and small game.
I'd rather fish than hunt . But, never pass up meat for the pot.


Meat Mopper
SMF Premier Member
Joined Mar 12, 2010
Granted, I don't hunt much, but I do go after small game. I'd love to do more, though. I have a friend that will be taking me duck/pheasant hunting this fall.

corn cob

Meat Mopper
Joined Mar 30, 2010
For White tails my go to is one of these....With the edge going to the Smith ~~ For other Game, Critters, Sport, etc a full accompaniment of various long guns...For personal protection, and sport shooting a wide assortment of various pistols and wheel guns....



Master of the Pit
OTBS Member
★ Lifetime Premier ★
Joined Feb 4, 2009
Warerfowl and Deer are my preferred choices. Great tasting too!


Joined Mar 26, 2010
I love to hunt anything & everything!
I use a Mathews Q2 bow, a Benelli 12 guage, and a Remington 30.06 mostly. Was going to try and smoke some venison this year but is got shut out! 1st time in 15 years I didnt kill at least 1 deer.

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