How many leg quarters in GOSM?

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analog assassin

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Apr 16, 2007
Since we work Memorial Day, I was gonna bring the GOSM and smoke leg quarters because they're cheap and meaty. How many can I squeeze in a standard size GOSM?

Anybody got a good simple recipe for an appropriate rub? Otherwise I'll just stick with the trusted Tony Chachere's.
Hey, killer!~

Depending on the size of your leg quarters and assuming (I hate that word) that you will use all four racks I would guiestimate six to eight per rack and still allow for proper draw. If you were to separate them into thighs and drumsticks you will be able to squeeze a few more in there without sacrificing proper smoke and heat distribution.

Hope this helps!

I agree; 6-8 per rack, depending on the size. Chicken quarters are one of my very favorites. It's always what I use for jerk chicken.
Thanks Chad!

I never heard of it and I got family in Alabama
That is the correct link for Big Bob Gibson's white BBQ sauce.

When I first tried it I thought it was not that good but 2 seconds later I was in love with it.

You really must try it at least once
Man, you guys must have some small chickens.

I can only get 4 leg quarters, per rack, on my GOSM smoker, charcoal version. I am doing up 10 lbs worth right now. Marinated them in Mojo.
Hey, Flash!

I grow some pretty good sized chickens and I was referencing the average market fare. Do you have the full sized GOSM or a smaller one?

Some of my larger roasters, if split into parts, would need a rack plus to fit peoperly.

All part of the fun!

I thought it was the larger one.
It is 16 x 16 inches with the grates 14 x 14 inches. I do like some space between the quarters to allow the smoke to work them better.
My GOSM Gasser Big Block is 16"DX24"WX36"H. I think that is the difference. Ya had me worried there for a minute!
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