How long to keep the smoke going?

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Aug 6, 2007
Right side of Washington State
Newbie here. I just bought a GOSM and am excited to do a brisket.

I have Mesquite chunks and am wondering how long to keep adding wood? I read on another site that you can ruin the brisket if you keep the smoke on it for too long.


Thanks in advance.
I usually smoke all the way through the cook or until foil if foiling. That being said, if using mesquite I would probably stop at some point. Probably around 140° or so since mesquite is somewhat strong.
I use the wood pan my GOSM came with. I use chips and add a fresh bunch every hour or so. I stop adding smoke when it reaches 140'..
i usually have smoke going the entire time. i use mostly mesquite. that is my preference. you might not like as much of a mesquite flavor in your meat. you just have to experiment and see how long to smoke to see where you like it. once you get the flavor you desire, make a note on how long you smoked it. try that the next time too. if you keep getting the same results (the kind you like) stick with it.
It is your call. Supposedly the pores on meat start shutting up around 140* and then will accept no more smoke. You could always cut way back after that point.
I think it more a matter of to much smoke at a time. If you keep it thin and blue you should be fine all the way though - but don't let it get white and bilowy! Mequite get bitter when over done.
Less is best!

Don't put alot of wood in at once, just a few small chunks at a time 2 or 3 should be a good start. When you can clearly see the smoke it's probably to much. Don't add more until it's almost gone and just hot embers.

Chunks are best dry chips can be slowed down some by mixing some wet some dry.
Did some ribs and a small chicken last night. Will make a new thread with the results.

But, here is what I experienced. I was using very dry chunks of hickory. I put about 3 pieces in the provided wood box to start with and covered. The 3 pieces of wood almost filled the small box. When it started smoking, it was the thin blue smoke that I believe is desireable. Later, when the smoke disappeared I added another piece to the black pieces that remained. I replaced the lid, but it did not sit flush. I did this again later. Both times, once that new piece of wood started smoking it was thicker and more white than blue. I am wondering if I should have removed what was left of the burned wood prior to putting in more. I'm not really sure.
I am not sure what smoker you have, probably propane ??
I prefer chunks, and wet at that. The main point is to not over do it. I buy bags of hickory from Wal-Mart use use oak from my yard. I usually cut 2 inch pieces or so. Throwing 2 to 3 in depending on how thick they are. I find no need to remove the almost burnt wood. If you are using gas, try to alter a coffee can down in size some, it will hold more wood for you.
I use charcoal, so no problem. I just throw it on the coals.
I leave the top of my cast iron wood box off when I use my GOSM. It just makes it easier to add new chunks and lets less heat out because the door is not open as long.

Hope this helps!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


cascadedad, I use a GOSM with the orginal wood box but I stopped using the lid along time ago. When I repentish the wood, I just push the embers to one side and only add one or two chunks.
WHAT?!? That is good to know. Last weekend I was hurling in Hickory chunks to keep it white and billowy. Once I even though, boy this is excessive! Maybe I'll chill out a little bit on my next smoke and see how it comes out.

Admittedly the last couple things I smoked if you ate a piece w/ your bare hand you'd go around smelling smoke for the rest of the day
A little mesquite seems to go a long ways. I experimented with too much mesquite on beef and it tasted like I was eating wood. I wasted a big piece of meat in the process. Now I mix my mesquite with hickory.
I alway thought gas was for passen, just kidden. i burn all wood in my Horizon and don't think it is to "smokey", but i also burn mostly oak and maple and alot of apple the first couple hours. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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