How Do You Like Your Brisket?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by ronp, Nov 2, 2009.


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  1. ronp

    ronp Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I have a nine pounder in the fridge for a while and need to smoke it.

    Do you seperate it or do it whole?

    Pull or slice?

    I was going to cure it but just don't feel like waiting for the cure.

    I will probably do it tomorrow night one way or another.

    Your experiences are appreciated.

    If I had to choose between pork and brisket I think pork butts would be my choice but we'll see.
  2. scpatterson

    scpatterson Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    For me if I get my choice its a whole brisket pulled.....I like all but the beef just a little bit more
  3. mr mac

    mr mac Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    I love it when a brisket comes out of its blanket all nice and warm and falling apart! Nothing quite like the taste of beef if you ask me! Pork (including my beloved ribs) will always be second in my book but, then, I've been known to smoke ribeye steaks and chuck roasts on a fairly regular basis.
  4. forluvofsmoke

    forluvofsmoke Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I trim mine very lean and remove the bulk external connective tissue, seperate the point/flat, smoke the flat to 185-190* & foil/rest for slicing. Smoke the point to 180*, foil/brase to ~205* and rest for of both worlds this way. I do need to try burnt ends with the point sometime soon as well.

    I like my pulled pork, I just can't seem to get enough briskets to smoke, so it's a tough call...briskets would have to be my first choice if I could only have one or the other to smoke. We're really enjoying the smoked beef here just took me awhile to learn what to do with it. Yeah, brisket definately puts my salivary glands into overdrive! [​IMG]

  5. waysideranch

    waysideranch Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I voted sliced!! Yea, i'm common folk. Sliced brisky just plain kicks a**.
  6. eman

    eman Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member

    Smoke it whole . Seperate point and flat. slice flat and cube point for burnt ends.
  7. oldschoolbbq

    oldschoolbbq Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    The family(Trish's side), likes the PP and Ribs more than Brisket;but as for me(although I love a good Rib), the Brisket(smoked whole as a Packer,slice the Flat and Ends from the Point) is the #1 go-to for good eats. Weening a boy off his Brisket is not an option in Texas!!!But ya take what ya can get-so I do Pig to keep the Wife's side Happy.It's ALL BBQ!!!
    It's all good!!![​IMG]
  8. zapper

    zapper Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    Smoke it whole, try slicing too soon and end up shredding/pulling[​IMG]

    Pulled brisket usually only goes for the first meal as is for a main entree (thats one of them fancy words I lernt) After that, the leftovers are usually cooked up as a filler for sammies, burritos, tamales, pot pies, pierogi or whatever I come up with

    For me, beef dries out fast in the fridge so leftovers tend to need mixing with something. But thats OK, the beefy smoked flavor is the best!
  9. pignit

    pignit Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I have a really hard time not curing my brisket since I did that once. There is absolutly nothing like curing and smoking a brisket to 200. Let it cool and slice away. I love it.... but .... if I'm not curing... smoke it whole and slice it anyway.
  10. ronp

    ronp Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Well I decided to do it whole, and I rubbed it with TQ. I dont expect it to be cured by tomorrow but I will pull a plug tomorrow night and see what I have to work with.

    Thanks for the info all.

    I still have time to change my mind though.
  11. beer-b-q

    beer-b-q Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I like them smoked whole and sliced very thin, almost shaved...
  12. mballi3011

    mballi3011 Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    There's nothing like a great piece of beef. First type of course is steak a good rib-eye just makes my mouth water but then a brisket is a very close second. Ther's something about a huge hunk of brisket SLICED on some homemade bread with some mayo and cheese lettuce onions and tomatoe pure Heaven I say.
  13. scpatterson

    scpatterson Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Nobody else eat beef brisket
  14. kurtsara

    kurtsara Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member

    I normally do them whole, cooked to medium rare and serve with mashed potatoes and gravy.[​IMG]

    Just kidding, I do them whole then when up to about 195° I separate them, cut the point up for burnt ends, and back into the smoker, the flat gets wrapped in foil to rest until slicing.
  15. cman95

    cman95 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Smoked whole after slight trimming. Then slice kinda thin.
  16. chisoxjim

    chisoxjim Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    for me, brisket I like uncured, and sliced.

    Overall if I had my choice I would do a pork butt, pulled. I just prefer pork I guess(unless we are talking prime, dry aged steaks that is).
  17. dutch

    dutch Smoking Guru Staff Member Administrator Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I do the whole packer brisket thing. Trim off some of the fat, remove the fat kernel betwixt the flat and the point. Rub it down with some Worchesershire sauce and Montreal Steak seasoning. Wrap in plastic wrap and into the fridge overnight. Hit the brisket with some cracked black pepper and into the smoker. Take it to 190-195*, let it rest a bit and slice. My family don't care much for burnt ends so that ends up getting chopped and used for filler meat for my Smoked Enchalads. Now that I have the Lang, maybe I'll try burnt ends again.
  18. fire it up

    fire it up Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I'm with Dutch on doing a full packer, though I always, always remove the point when it's finished and turn it into a delicious pile of burnt ends and slice the flat.
  19. richoso1

    richoso1 Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I like a beer type marinade, then smoked and sliced.
  20. scpatterson

    scpatterson Smoking Fanatic OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    1 more Bump for the Iceman

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