How do I upload Avatar?

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Smoke Blower
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Nov 27, 2005
North Central Texas
Can anyone tell me how to upload an Avatar? Each time I try I get an error message that reads "General Error" and "Invaid Session". I have checked the file size <20KB etc. I'm tying to upload from a jpeg from my desktop.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Burk even if your image for the avatar is less than 20k it can still be too big:

Check to see if your image is more than 120 pixels in either direction.

Are you able to post it to photobucket, or imageshack, etc... and post it in a message? Without examining the file I can't think of anything else that may prevent its upload.
Thanks Bob,

As you can see I got it. You were right it was still to large. I cropped it a little and it worked. Thanks for the response.


I had in built in Perry, Ok. Made by Horizon Smokers. Main Cooking Chamber is 24"x72". I really like it.

Gator Pit is suppose to start on my rig this week. It will also have a 72" x 24" main chamber.

Send a pic when you get it. I've heard great things about their products. I considered them when I was looking, but I was in a hurry and they were several weeks out.

I've closely read this thread and am still having trouble uploading a custom avatar from my machine.

Dimns are 118x91 and filesize is 6.78kb. When I click on submit, I get "invalid session".

Any suggestions?
It is a jpeg file. I've used this avatar at other forums and never had trouble uploading it. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
As before Scott, by the time I get to ya, you've already got it handled! :D

That Avatar does look a might familiar.

Glad you worked out the bugs, buddy!

I am disappointed that no one answered the question, and I really need the answer.  Exactly how and where does one load an avatar?  I am new and cannot figure out where it is done in this website.  Probably very simple once it is explained, but I haven't seen anybody do that.  While we're at it, tell me how to post pictures in general.  Thanks.Nathan Mayo ..the newb
Go into your profile. Then there below the avatar it says replace avatar. To go into you profile click your current avatar and it will take you there is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.