How Do I Get Rid of These Armadillos?!!

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A good quality high powered pellet gun. Gamo makes some great guns for the price but there's nothing like a Beeman for quality.
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I have an RS2 . Not a real expensive rifle but it hits hard . Pretty acurite too . .177 and .22 barrels .
I have an original R1 in .20,pretty much the benchmark by which all others were judged back in the day.

I also have a RWS 48 (.22) highly modded...the only issue was with the stock which I added an adjustable cheek piece.The 52 had the monte carlo stock but I got way to good a deal on the 48.

Those are my main varmit killing small game hunting pellet rifles.
I realize everyone doesn’t live in a place where you can just shoot guns lol. So if that’s you, you could live trap them and relocate them to a more rural area where you can safely and legally shoot them lol
I've shot deer, fox, woodchuck, skunks, raccoons, squirrrels, chipmunks from my deck. After a plinking session, I can sweep us the .22 brass for an easy cleanup!

Rural living has advantages for sure!
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1) Get a Racoon to take care of the Armadillo
2) Get Bobcat to dispatch the Racoon
3) Get a Mountain Lion to eliminate the Bobcat
4) Get a Bear to remove the Mountain Lion
5) Hire a hunter to kill the bear

Now you have enough Bear meat to fill the freezer.

Problem solved...
Ok, no deterrent/repellant (well, maybe the second one) but two humorous reminiscences from decades past. 1) Took shiny new gf backpacking when a dillo came noisily a-rooting very near our tent. When asked, I sleepily replied “Just an armadillo“ and fell back asleep. Next morning I awoke to a bolt-upright, wide-(albeit bleary)-eyed gf staring intently at me. Apparently she recently moved from Colorado and only knew of 12 ft tall armadillos from the beer commercials.
B) My college roommate and I, always on the lookout for cheap entertainment, discovered dillos have fair good hearing but poor eyesight. We’d see how close we could get behind one and wait til it was pointed at a large tree. We’d shout, scare the bejeebers out of it. It’d jump straight up and come down haulin‘, straight into the tree, knocking itself senseless. Oh, what fun.
Yes it is.

I have never heard of Robert Earl Keen, he has lots of albums I must try and listen to.

He's absolutely amazing! An example of someone who isn't a flawless vocalist but is an amazing writer and musician! He has a ton of amazing songs.

I could rattle off a ton but the ones that immediately come to mind that would be for a wide audience would be:

Feelin Good Again
I'm Coming Home
Mr Wolf and Mama Bear
Merry Christmas from the Family
Corpus Christi Bay
The Road Goes on Forever (his most well known song but probably the last one you would listen to in this list)

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How that trap work? .....Or suppose to work?
I was just trying to be funny, but a tripwire set on the trigger(super scary) ( should probably be screwed to a board for this) or run a light mono 4-6lb looped around the armature then tied to a 14lb braided line as the trip. The idea then is a break away on the action when it gets pulled back and snap/boom. Doubt something small would set it off this way, but say....something human size should be no problem. These are directional( thus the name mousetrap claymore) so an individual might have to be a little crafty setting it up the way they would want to defend.
Or so I hear...I havent ever built, bought or looked into trying one!
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Just google "Animal Deterrent Devices"
They do work for skunks and cats, not sure about Armadillo though. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.