Houston, we have a brisket!!

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Original poster
Feb 2, 2006
Kingston, Massachusetts
OK, I have to share this one. After a long absence while moving back to the USA, my smoker was unleashed on the woods of Massachusetts. I found a great CAB packer, about 12lbs, some lump charcoal, wood, and a free weekend so off I went. It was really great to see the old Kiwi vertical smoker pumping out a steady blue smoke. The Maverick thermometer worked well keeping an eye on both the meat and cooking chamber and I now know all about plateaus. I had 2, one at about 150 degrees and another at about 180. Eighteen hours later it was a done deal. An all nighter with a brisket- Wow but soooo worth it! Perfect ring...perfect bark...just the right amount of smoke. I'll never loose any weight this way.
Sorry, but I sliced it all before I thought to take a picture. I also want to thank everyone on this forum for all the discussion and suggestions over the past year. Although I mainly lurked, I did keep reading. This is the best site on the internet! And on a selfish note: hey, do you think there could be any nominations to the OTBS coming this way?????? Anyway keep on smokin- I will!!!

Good brisket on the 1st time out....That is bragging rights. 18 hour cook..more bragging rights. Shipped some to the icemn62 labs for testing.....{you forgot :(}

Congrats on getting the hardest meat to perfect right on your 1st attempt. How did you do on your ribs, and pulled pork? {Still have not figured out how to ship that brisket to the labs....}

I shall pour a cold one in your name, and drink up to your health.
yo oz dude,
if i may--
it sounds like you are a INTERNATIONAL MEAT SMOKER.
im sure this will go a long way with the Knights.

as with thick meat---be patient--its working.
Thanks guys. It was great fun but certainly not my first. I have been smoking for more years than I care to remember but have been separated from my smoker for some time. Just needed a smoke fix and it turned out great. I will be sending up smoke signals quite a bit now. Oh, and I will do ribs next. I have to confess (originally being from Texas) I haven't tried pork butt yet but that is on the "must do" list.

Smoke on,

I agree this is the greatest website on the net. I haven't been smoking because it is just too hot in southwest Oklahoma but I read here everyday!
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