Houston - Smoker's Paradise

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Sep 10, 2009
The Woodlands, Houston, TX
I recently sought info on sources in Houston for smoking accessories (without any luck).

Found a place - Allied Kenco - and thought I'd died and gone to heaven. You Houston guys have it made. This place is incredible. They carry everything you could possibly need to cut/cure/can/smoke et al.



Gone but not forgotten. RIP
OTBS Member
Feb 3, 2009
Not in houston ,But glad you found the place.


Meat Mopper
Jul 1, 2010
Greenville, SC
Houston is awesome for smokers... I married into family that has participated in the World Championship Cookoff there before the rodeo every year... it was one of the best time's i've ever had!  Nothing like a smoker being fired up for 4 straight days and cooking a whole freezers worth of meat in that time!


Gone but not forgotten. RIP
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Mar 12, 2009

Hey New2que are you talking about The Houston Livestock an Rodeo at the Astrodome every year. Now that's one cool place to smoke and me and another one of my ex-father in-laws competed back in the 80's and it was pretty bad as... Now I beleive if you could bbq a shoe they did it there. I have eaten so many different things that were grilled to per pefection as I have there in Houston. They had a chili cook off the first days and the bbq cook off the next day. I do miss those times in the past but not that wife thou.
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