Houndogs HATE bbq

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Feb 24, 2007
key west, fl
NOT! My goodness, my two beagles are passed out, stoned, crosseyed and full bellies. They can't walk straight. I gave them one each a nice beef rib (no other bones, they splinter and can kill your dog!) from my Masterbuilt break-in and I've never heard their barking like this before. Charlotte's "wee-youuuu" went into a whole other hearing range that only dogs can hear. They came back upstairs with greasy chins, wagging tails, burping and useless. They'll be asleep for hours. These were VERY smokey ribs and they went into orbit!
usually when i smoke all i attract is the local police(i can throw a rock at the local police/fire station)....lol

they come by the back where i am smoking everytime i fire up the smoker... if they stopped and talked to me i would give them a taste..lol

i think they just love the smell because they know who i am by now and never say anything to me
I have a little Rat Terrier in my neighborhood that show up at my house when I light up my charcoal chimney and he hangs out with me until the Que is done and he gets his share. He guards the smokers and won't let anyone but me near it.
I call him BubbaQue
There's a local fish joint here (BO's) that sells Bubbaque. It's a big name thing here.
The wife says our Rat Terrier has withdrawals when I don't smoke regularly. I think it's a nice way for her to get me to cook something. Think.
I live in a row home in Phila.been smokin about 5 weeks.I started my first smoke early sunday morning. About 8AM. or so the door bell rings and a lady looking like a YOUNG late sixties or early seventies is at the door and asks me if I have anything burning in the yard.I explain my endeavor and thank her for being the nice and concerned neighbor that she is.Can't wait untill the weather gets warmer and the neighbors have their windows open when I'm do'in an all nighter.
Always appropriate to bring the neighbors a little taste. Next time they'll know. Throw a fatty on for them, it's cheap and they'll love you for it!
Here is a picture of the official Bubbaque

and another shot

He is a sweet little guy. Just loves anything smoked.
Sorry about the dirty carport
Umm Rodger, I hope he ain't the critter that's responsible for that "wet" spot by the car's front tire!!
here's where my mutt lays when i got the ECB fired up don't know if she's guarding or hoping i drop something
Looks like we might have to get a "Pet" picture gallery going!!
LOL, no that picture was taken during the big thunderstorm's that came through Thursday. I thought he would stay home cause of the rain, but as soon as I lit my charcoal he headed right over and stayed til dinner was ready.
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