Hot Sweet Relish

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Oct 26, 2015
Western Maryland
I had extra peppers and love that red relish they put on subs. Nothing I find at the grocery store makes me happy. They just add capsaicin to regular relish and call it hot. I made plain Jalapeno relish for cooking, or the real men, half pints. Then also make half Jalapeno and sweet pepper relish for hot dogs, subs and other stuff, pints. Gathering more peppers to make more for the shelf now.
It is canning season and As always late august and into September the peppers turn on. I needed something to make with them besides chopped green peppers. I love that red relish they put on your subs when you request it. The stuff in the grocery store just is not even close. So, I need to try something else and I have all the supplies for free!

I watched a couple YouTube videos and formulated my own recipe from several people. Grabbed a bit of what I liked from each one and made some recipes in 1 pound increments.
I had been saving the Jalapenos sliced with seeds and shook out a pound of them to thaw out. Then later cut some fresh green pepper to get a pound and threw in 1/2 an onion. Tossed them in the food processor and copped on low. It barely took a minute and it was diced up nicely. I was careful as it will become thick hot sauce if you let it run too long.

Then into a pan and brought to boil and simmer 30 minutes. Sorry, no pictures of this as I did not know it would be this perfect. I put them into jars and water bathed them to be shelf stable. I knew I would crack a pint of the hot sweet as it is what I was after. The half pints are straight, deseeded jalapeno relish to be hot, just not heavy hot. I will probably use this as a cooking spice for heat as it is more mild than cayenne powder.

So, my buddy Kevin loves this stuff too and he is experimenting with fermented hot sauce, so I thought I would go this way. I gave him a pint and a half pint to try for ideas and what to do different. I dropped it off Sunday and Monday at lunch he is making 4 eggs with 2 tsp of the hot sweet relish and loving it. So I can’t take it and off to the dollar store for hot dogs and buns.

Lets have a beer or two and let these heat up. Two for me, one for the dog and enough for both of us tomorrow!

Yeah, it looks like a simple hot dog, but what a flavor explosion this relish makes. It is spicy and sweet. Ketchup was good, added mustard and meh. I’ll have to try more options, but this is three steps up from Barbeque sauce on a hot dog!
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I'm loving what you did there. Jersey Mike's or someplace I don't eat at anymore had a cherry pepper relish that I really liked. I haven't tried making a copy cat or otherwise but looks like another item on the list to do.
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