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Hot spot H

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by Rmartinez2, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Rmartinez2

    Rmartinez2 Fire Starter

    Hey everyone, I've been using my grill a lot since I got it and it seems no matter what my center and right side run insanely hot. If I'm at 225 the center and right will hot around 280 to 290. The left side seems to stay within 10 degrees or so of the display. Im using wireless meat thermometers to obtain the reading.

    To be clear I'm not seeing temp swings where I've set my grill to 225 and it suddenly shows 300 on the display. In fact my display temp goes through an acceptable swing of +\-20. But the probes read the center and right at 60 to 70 degrees hotter.

    Is this just something I love with or am I doing something wrong ? Do others with the pit boss 1100 or the Austin xl have a similar outcome? I realize all other non pitboss have a heat deflector then a grease plate so I wonder if that's what's missing?
  2. RCAlan

    RCAlan Smoke Blower

    To answer Your question, the answer is yes... The diffuser plate that sits in the bottom of the barrel and it covers the Auger assembly and fire pot is not really a true heat diffuser. For those readers that don’t know, the diffuser plate in the PB Austin XL and PB PS Grill are secured to the Fire Pot with 4 screws... The diffuser plate allows the option for direct grilling, but since it doesn’t actually cover the fire pot itself, the Flame/fire shoots up right through it. This is “By design”, to allow direct grilling, but it doesn’t diffuse any heat at all. The Grills Flame Broiler and Flame Broiler Slider are acting as the grills heat diffuser. To solve the Hot Spot issues and uneven temps across the grills cooking area, You’ll need to buy or make a true heat diffuser that covers the fire pot completely and correctly. I’m not a Sells Person for any bbq company nor do I Market for anyone. From first hand experience, I can recommend the Heat Diffusers sold by SmokeDaddyinc.com. They have two, one that can burn real wood for added smoke profile and one that is just a heat diffuser. You can also search online for other heat diffuser options. When I added the SD wood burning Heat Diffuser to my Austin XL, it made a huge difference in heat control across the grill. The SD HD almost eliminated the hot spot in the center of the grill completely and during Low and Slow bbqing, the hot spot was gone completely. Remember, for high temp cooks, the fire pots flame will increase and intensify, so it’ll be a few more degrees hotter there, but it’s a huge difference in temp control and temp management when I added the heat diffuser then when I didn’t have it. When adding a true heat diffuser to your grill will affect your ability to use the direct grilling option... For Low and Slow bbqing, use/add a heat diffuser and for high temp grilling, use the original diffuser plate. If You do decide in getting a heat diffuser for your grill, make sure it’s dimensions/measurements will fit your grill properly. SmokeDaddyinc will do that for you, just give them a call for assistance. I hope the info helps and good luck

    PB Austin XL in SoCal and Always... Semper Fi
  3. Rmartinez2

    Rmartinez2 Fire Starter

    My man as always this is exactly what I wanted to hear. I figured this was the case but wasn't sure about it and wanted to hear from someone that's actually tried it. I will definitely buy one as it'll be perfect for low and slow.

    Question.... does it affect the left side of your grill much ? Like where the temp was already pretty normal to start with, does that now dip lower?
  4. RCAlan

    RCAlan Smoke Blower

    It really helps with evening out the temps across the entire grill surface and it especially calms the hot spot at the center of the grill. I never tested the left side for temps, but I never had a problem bbqing on the left side of my grill.

    PB Austin XL in SoCal and Always... Semper Fi