Hot N Hard Chuck Roast

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Jun 2, 2007
federal way, WA
Trying out a mexican style chuck roast today. Rubbed with my special taco rub, wrapped in bacon, then spritzed with Hot N Hard lemonade watered down a hair. If you haven't tried this lemonade I highly recommend, warning it is very hot, and yes thats a pepper in the bottle.... 3 pounders put in at 10:30am


At 5:30 7 hours later it hit 160 and went in some foil with some coca cola. 7:30 now and barely hitting 170.. Washed out the cooler to get ready for some night time settling down. In the meantime also have a nice corned beef flat in their, thats at 140 (put it in 2 hours later). Geesh and I have to work early tomorrow...
At 195 temptation set in and I took them out of their foil to help on the bark.. Here they are in the smoker before they come out..

Ok.. they hit 200. time to foil again and put in the cooler...............had to sample a piec and it is right on..


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