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HOOOOOO Boy YALLL Gona Regret Dis

Discussion in 'Winos & Wood Chips' started by cappyr, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. cappyr

    cappyr Meat Mopper

    Well for better or worse here I am.  Folks call me Cappy on acounta I drive a tug boat for a livin'.  I move about the bayou, bays, and extreme southern marshes of South Louisiana gathering crude oil to bring to a refinery..  Some of you may be running oil I brought in, in ya tanks now who knows.  Us Cajuns have a saying that is more like a philosophy of life it is stated simply as Joie de vie.  Which means joy of life.  Let me warn ya I have made many a wine snob look down their nose snort and walk away.   Wine is not all I drink, and for that matter usually aint what I reach for first, but I love a "good" wine.  Of course my idea of what that means is very different from most folks.  Cajun country folks live a simple life grow and preserve their stuff, love to cook and socialize.  I belong to a group of country boys that trade and network stuff all the time.  One of te more colorful characters is a old Cajun that lives back in the swamps known as Tarzan.  I am sure he has a real name but I been knowing him for 20 years and don't know it.  He makes one of my favorite wines.  It is from golden japonese plums some folks call loquats.  I supply him fruit, and ocasionaly fish and game he trades me for his wonderful wine.  It usually comes in mason jars or empty screw top wine bottles that folks give him.  I help with that as well.  I am loud, joyful, tacky and very crude.  Love all things natural and warn ya I am every inch a hard working hard living fun loving Cajun country boy.[​IMG]


      for better or worse pending on who yall ask here I come.  I was railroaded.... er asked to join this group by a pushy wino from da cereal state.  I don't figure he has a clue who he was atalkin'to.
  2. Well I for one, (a she and not a he) and from the granite state not flakes, am VERY THRILLED that you are here!

    And I love your dog! Please tell me more about that creature, if you so wish, as such makes me smile! (I have four canines you see).

    Meanwhile, I admire you hard work, your wit, and your wonderful plum exchange you've got going, as let's face it folks, finding the wine which you love, is far better than loving whatever you are served or what you find!

    It is refreshing and fantastic that you are here!

    I'd love to hear what you do smoke as well, and how you pair that with plum wine, or any wine really, (you most certainly will never be "graded" here nor kicked out or judged by your certain preference of grape) and so just share away!!!

    I am delighted, that you joined the group, posted something with wonderful photos, and hope that all do the same!!!!

    Welcome, welcome, and welcome dear CappyR!!! From that fire pit, pooch, and photos and pitcher of drink too, YOU made my day!

    Cheers and warm wishes, Leah
  3. cappyr

    cappyr Meat Mopper

    HHHm see told ya so done ruffled ya feathers alI ready.  I thought someone that pushy hadda be male[​IMG]   yea I do realize that amoung all da fruits, nuts and flakes( cereal state) yall got ya share of rock heads too.  The jug of wine pictured was homemade outa a very juicy black berry we call "dew berries"  It was made by an elderly black man that is the father of one of our good friends.  I traded him a quart of fresh squeezed lemon juice for it.  he adds small amount of the lemon juice to his wine for some reason maybe you wine snoots can tell me why.  Anyways me and our bratty Bichon Sparky was sitting by the bbq pit enjoying some when the pic ws taken.  It musta been spring time as I am without my santa claus beard
  4. Well Hell, I'll take that as HIGH PRAISE CappyR! No feathers bothered. I'm entirely thrilled that you are here!

    And now that we have my gender straight, (smiles), and the fact that I hail from New Hampshire (not California) all will be well! Smiles.

    And I just LOVE your Bichon Sparky!

    Those cuties do not shed - right? And I bet Sparky makes for some far better company than most humans do, and while you folks are smoking up your great fantastic things!

    This wine you get sounds genuinely interesting!

    The lemon is most likely added to balance the sugar, or "berry" or whatever it be, and make a more acidic (or more wine-like and less juice-like) batch of goods.

    Regardless, it does seem that WHATEVER he is putting in that wine, it is just serving you well, and so I'd keep drinking it! And of course keep on enjoying it with great smoked food!

    Thank you again for taking the leap and joining the group. May others as well, do the same!!!

    Cheers!!!!!!! - Leah
  5. cappyr

    cappyr Meat Mopper

    Well geez! did I miss da boat or what??? I figured ya for a ole California wino dude.  I once met a New Hampshire gal.  She helped me paint New Oleans Red one weekend.  I remember splitting a jug of muscato outa a paper bag on the river front watching the sun rise over the river one Sunday morning.  After an epic night of Jazz, blues, and new Orleans street food.  Thanks for triggering the memory..
  6. Yes, we New Hampshire gals are good at such things! Smiles. No worries. Glad we've all gotten more acquainted. I love your stories and you and your beautiful bride have one fantastic blog going too - of which I've just joined to follow! So very fun! Cheers! - Leah