homemade wood smoker

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salbaje gato

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Jul 28, 2006
san jose ca.
hey i just finished putting a stainless steel table on my 80 gallon vertical smoker, and it works great, i have smoked a few briskets and hey just keep geting better each time. i have a new obcession, smokin,
Salbaje Gato, Nice to have you here at SMF. Since this is your first post and kind of an intoduction about you, I hauled this up to "Roll Call". We crave pics of other members toys and the food that they have prepared so share with us what you got and we look forward to your posts.
Welcome, you've made it to the right place. SMF will stoke the fire of your obsession! It would be great to see some pictures of your smoker, if you can. Glad to have you around, this is a great place to find info, ask questions and share with the rest of us. Enjoy!
Welcome Gato....
Good to have another member of Cali join up,. Like everybody else would be a great thing to see your smoker, but then again I am so hooked with this hobby, I like looking at smokers.

Grab a cold one and jump in. Share the knowledge from your experience, ask questions if you are seeking knowledge, What else have you smoked other than briskets?
Welcome aboard Gato,

Like everyone else I'm a smoker "nut" and would love to see some pics.

Anything we can do to help or any suggestions you have, be sure to kick in and let everyone know. :D
thanx guys you made me fee part of something real special. as soon as i get the right setting on this camera, i will send pictures of my baby. apparently the pixels in the setting im using are too large.. man . cooking that brisket was a lot easier than navigating this computer.
ps. myusername stands for wildcat, which i would have finished and been driving this summer were it not for my new toy.
Hi "Wildcat" Wasn't there a movie about a guy <soilder> and a wildcat that became friends? I know what you mean about navigating computers and the pixels on cameras <pictures being too large and all> I have the same problem. Welcome aboard again and have a cold one or two and share your stories.

hey larry, im glad to be on board. the original use of my tank was for air. and it is 3/8 in steel that i added a stainless steel table to, i thiught i sent pictures yesterday but apparently they were too large ill try again.
I saw the pictures earlier today, where did they go? Maybe they got moved. The smoker looked great though. Huge, nice work!
I just (finally) saw the pictures of your smoker. WOW what a rig!! I can't wait to see what comes out of it. Nice looking set up!!
hey iceman, gato here, i have done a couple turkeys and ribs pretty often too. a funny thing happened on the way to the smoker a few weeks ago, while getting ready to pit my seasoned and prepared ribs, one of my racks fell into my deep fryer for turkeys, so i decided to leave it for about 12 twelve minutrs or so at about 300 degrees. i know this is a smokin forum but i can truthfully say that the smoke that came off of those ribs was soo good that i had to try it again, this time with some flour. o think im on to something here,, i cut them at about three or four bones apiece.
they all loved them
Are you saying you've smoking and deep fried ribs?

That sounds AWESOME! And you're breading the ribs now.

You got to get us some pictures of that.
i have deep deep fryied some baby back ribs in my turkey fryer first by accident but now im serious;y thinking about starting to perfect this style of cooking ribs.. babybacjs work best, as they are meatier. they look good too. ill send pictures from next fridays bbq.
Hey Salbaje,

We've been known to deep fry everything that ain't nailed down in Louisiana, but I never heard of deep fried ribs :idea:

I will be waiting patiently for the pics :D
Hey Rodger, wonder how it would taste with some Cajun seasoning mixed into that flour? But since this is a smoked foods forum them ribs would need to be smoked first. :D
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