Home Made Soup Stock for CHEAPIES

Discussion in 'Side Items' started by supervman, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. supervman

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    Folks, here's a lil something I invented at home.
    It's EASY and CHEAP if you do a lot of your own cooking.

    I take 1-2 gallon freezer bags and fill em with leftover veggies, The ends you cut off of Celery bunches, cores from cabbage - head lettuce, leaves you peel off cabbage and lettuce heads, herb stems, the tops - bottoms - and the skin side of onions I use, if I scrape carrots I use those, tops and bottoms of carrots, roots and greens from green onions, etc. etc.

    Or ANYTHING that's about to go bad veggie, herb, spice wise.

    LOTS OF GARLIC. Any Fresh Herbs on hand. I like Rosemary.

    Now were talking stuff you would normally dispose of and throw away.

    You put this stuff in a LARGE pot, fill it with water, season with S&P, perhaps add Onion and Garlic powder, depending on your taste and the particular batch. Bring it to a boil then SIMMER for 3-4 hours. Strain out all the "chunks" and it's good to go.

    USE IMMEDIATELY or let it cool properly in fridge for the next day OR put into silicone muffin pans to make "one cup" easy additions to add to rice, foods etc. (of course you freeze em into pucks and then put into freezer bags) You get the idea.


    I FORGOT to mention Beer Can Chicken Bones, Turkey Bones, Rib Bones - if you pull em out and don't scarffel all over em, etc. NICE FLAVOR.

    Makes GREAT Stock/Base for homemade soups.

    Feel free to ask questions.

    I may have made a more detailed description in my Recipe File on my 'puter.


  2. monicotti

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    Great Idea. Thanks[​IMG]
  3. ronp

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    I learned this from a chef I had when I had the restaurant. He was a chef from I can't spell it from the Chek in Europe, he cooked for the diplomats there. I was honored by his respect for me. He said, "never throw anything away" and always kept a stock pot on the stove. Once I had caught some fish and fileted them and he even threw the trimmings in the pot heads and all.

    Even to this day, when I peel shrimp, I use the peels to make some stock with some seasoning to add to the finished dish. Yum.

    Great post.[​IMG]
  4. erain

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    vman and ron are correct, there nothing like homade stock, also make stock from wild game bones(usualyelk) and use for sauces, also use chicken bones and back sections and necks for chicken and turkey, as well as using the shrimp peels for shrimp stock or fish heads and skelotons for fish sauce. using these stocks for sauces to serve direct on plates or whether used to cook pasta,or rice, or use in soups and stews. nothing like a home made stock!!!!
  5. supervman

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    I forgot to say that I keep the bags in the freezer until I'm ready to make some stock.

    Erain, I also use duck and Pheasant bones.

    A trick I forgot to put in is you can put the stock into silicone muffin tins and make hockey pucks of stock that are appx 1 cup each. VERY convenient for cooking.
  6. erain

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    like the muffin pan trick

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