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Home Made Charcoal


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Nice idea.  A burn barrel for real time coal production works well, too.


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Glad I saw your post on making Charcoal... I was going to make my own posting. It's better to keep all of these tied together in my mind... as long as they deal with the same line of thought.

I know there are purest out there... when there is a way for you to do something instead of someone else doing it for you. That is what this post is all about!  Well, I was looking up something (totally different from making Charcoal) on www.instructables.com when I came upon this.

The site (among other things) tell you how to make your own charcoal http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-some-Charcoal/. So now you don't have to go down to the store and buy charcoal... now you can just fabricate a charcoal maker and spend all day making charcoal, so you can spend all day smoking so you can spend 1 hour in heaven eating to your hearts desire! Ok... maybe there won't be any takers on this... but it's sure is nice to know.

Hope it works for you!


PS... OK I'm around 20 posts now... I think I'm ready to be nominated into the Order of the Thin Blue Smoke! (that was a joke... only kidding... I truly hope I didn't offend anyone with that comment).  I know that 20 post are just not enough to be admitted to the illustrious, exclusive, OTBS.... I don't want to rush things... after all I can wait till I get up to 30 posts! Again, I'm only kidding... I'm a Newbie and I know it. I still have WAY much to learn.
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I would have to say this isn't for everyone and  If I didn't have access to all that beetle infested ash and a fuel source (pallets), I sure wouldn't be making my own charcoal.

I have multiple 5 gallon retorts loaded with the Beetle Infested ash, and throw one or two on every time I have a fire, only takes a few hours, then I dump in the larger can the next day.

Each can full gives me almost 2 full chimneys.

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