hollerin from vail, colorado

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mark g

Original poster
May 28, 2007
hey everyone. newly registered, but not new to the site. in fact, i can give this site credit for just about everything i know about smoking! i have a propane GOSM (wally world clearance - $50) and so far i've tried brisket, couple pork butts, turkey, goose, and fish. oh and of course a few batches of ABTs -- like someone said, you can never make enough of them!

currently living in vail, doing the work-at-night-snowboard-all-day type of thing while i'm still a young buck out of college only a couple years. i absolutely love all types of 'Q and can't wait til i can make something as good or better than i can get at a smokehouse. (so far stuff has been "good" but not "amazing")

i hadn't registered yet because i got all the tips i needed but now i have a specific question that i haven't been able to answer. seems like everyone is friendly and happy to help.

tomorrow i'm going to be doing ribs for the first time and also a 9lb shoulder. good fatty cuts are hard to come by up here in the mtns, and all i could get today (didn't plan very far ahead) was frozen. how long will it take to thaw, and what is the best method? i'm going to be using jeff's rib rub on both, but someone told me that it may run off as the meat is thawing. any tips on thawing and when to rub? i plan on starting the butt early in the morning to be done late-afternoon. do i have enough time?

thanks for all your help and i'm proud to be the newest member of SMF (maybe the member at highest elevation? anyone above 8100?)

best way to thaw is slowly in the fridge, but that takes alot of time. you can also sit it in a sink of cold water....yes cold.......not the prefered way thou. do not rub while frozen, it will just run off and will not do any good, wait until thawed.

welcome to smf, even if you were lurking for a long time
Welcome to SMF and congrats on getting the GOSM at a great price. The GOSM makes smoking very - very simple....and thats a good thing.

Be sure to post some pics when you get to smoking those ribs and shoulder.
welcome to smf, mark. thaw it in the fridge is the best way. apply rub after thawing.

ABT's are stuffed jalapenos. i cut the top off, core them with an potato peeler (getting all the seeds and membrane out), and stuff them with cheddar cheese; sometimes i add diced ham or pepperoni slices. then wrap with a slice of bacon and slide a toothpick through to hold it on. smoke them at 225° for ~3 hours.
Hi Mark from way down here in the land of cotton...and pines...and peaches...and more pines!...

Welcome to SMF!...
It's a Mighty Fine place to be!

Guess I'm a little late by now...but I hope your pork shoulder was a success. Fresh is best, but every now and again we have all had to deal with frozen.

Looking forward to seeing some pics of your Q too.

Again...Welcome...Glad to have you Aboard!

Until Later...

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