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Feb 27, 2007
Big D
Per the instructions - Mookie1010, From Dallas. Cook in the backyard, somewhere between just learning and pro. Looking for ideas on all kinds of stuff.

I use a CharGriller, all wood when smoking or oak lump when grilling, no propane here.

Welcome to SMF mookie1010!!! You should be very happy here if your looking for ideas on all kinds of stuff. It turns out, we have just that right for you. Enjoy the forums and post often.
Thanks for the welcome - I was referred by starsfaninco, as he frequents a hockey board we both belong to. I am accustomed to making up recipes for just about everything I cook, but I really want some new ideas.

I've never had anything turn out "bad" but there have definitely been some "better last time" instances. Looking for some pointers, and just poking around, it looks like this has everything I need.

We'll see if I can get a brisket in this weekend, and post some pics, probably using a rub I find here.
Welcome to the SMF
Welcome Mookie1010. Check out Jeff's 5 day e-course. Also, tons of info and recipes here. Check out beef section and search for brisket ideas. If you haven't done one before these tips can save you and you will have a great experience.
Welcome to the forum Mookie1010. Glad to have you here and looking forward to your posts.. good luck with that brisket!

Keep Smokin
Mookie, glad you're here. Great group of folks here and a ton of knowledge to be gained. Lots of food porn here too :)
Welcome mookie, and like others have said tons of info here in smoking meat, and i hope you jump in with both feet, learn alot and hopefully you will share all your great recipes.

Welcome Mookie -

We got lots of recipes, info and ton of ideas to share. What's become old hat to you may be new to us so come on in and lets share some ideas!

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