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Nov 2, 2006
Not exactly new to bbq and grilling, but becoming more interested in 'doing it right'. I grew up in west Texas doing the brisket, steak, dogs, burgers and brats honors for my family since I was about 14. We had a weber kettle for a long time, then a "texas offset" that I bought when I was 17. My father has confiscated the offset after my move to Colorado due to my 'not having any decent wood to cook with up there', so now at 38, I have purchased a Vermont Castings 5016 grill and will soon be getting a GOSM big block or the Vermont Castings SS version of it. Being in Denver, I'm not certain that I won't need the double walled insulation of the VC and I'm looking forward to some discussion from cold weather owners of either of these.

thanks in advance to all of you for all I'm going to learn here :)

Welcome to SMF StarsFan!!! It sounds like you let your Dad pull a fast one on ya.
KE-Welcome to SMF. You can't go wrong with either Smoker; the GOSM or the Vermont Casting SS. GOSM & Vermont Casting are both owned by the same parent company CFM.

The Vermont Casting SS Smoker is a doubled walled unit while the GOSM is not, but then you are paying a couple of hundred dollars more for the Vermont Casting unit.

I use the GOSM Big Block and it has proven to be an excellent unit for the money. The internal temps will fluctuate when there is a cold wind blowing past it and the use of a wind break will eliminate most of the fluctuation. I would imagine that the double walled Vermont unit would be less affected by temp fluctuations than the GOSM.

We have some members that have the Stainless Steel double walled version of the GOSM Big Block. Hopefully, they'll jump in with their $.02 worth of experience.
Yeah, I let him get away with it though. After all the things he's done for me growing up, let's just say, I feel I got the better end of the deal :)
I hate to admit it here, because I haven't ordered mine yet, but I have found a distributor for the Big Block Stainless GOSM. IT's 274.00 + Shipping, and is the exact same as the $500 Vermont Castings except for the thermometer and name tag.

Here's the link:


EDIT:: This is not the big block. it is the smaller version, not the 24" Sorry Folks
There was a rumor a while back that CFM MIGHT start up the SS GOSM line again but they wouldn't say when. Seeing as how this is less expensive than the Vermont Casting model, I think some folks here are going to make tracks to the site you listed and get 'em one.
Welcome KE, good to have you with us. I'm up the road a bit in Superior. I got my smoker at the start of summer, so I've yet to battle the cold myself. I'll take the opportunity to work on a cold smoked salmon, jerky, cheeses, and sausages. Glad you're here with us, enjoy!
Hiya neighbor!! I'm gonna be up your way tomorrow at the CU game. I'll look for the smoke :) We should form a CO group of smokers around here and have a get together. I saw there was another guy from Arvada here somewhere. I just bought the GOSM big block tonight and I'm raring to go now :) Btw, if you're interested in a get together, PM me with a email or phone number and I'll do the same.

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