Hi yall!

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mike d

Original poster
Jul 15, 2007
Hi yall! Mike from Baytown,Tx. here. I found the site looking for a rib rub recipe and couldnt resist. I'm currently running a brinkmann hondo pit,with the obligatory lone star beer can stuffed up the stack to keep the smoke low,and looking forward to meeting everyone here! Happy smoking!!!
Well fiirst of all Mike D.....A BIG HOWDY ( from Tx) from us to you! Welcome to SMF. You will find the most friendliest people here that are more than willing to help out in anyway they can. I recommend you sign up for the free E Coure here to get started.

Tons of information here. Need to ask though. We cant read minds. A good starting point is to read TulsaJeff's information he has on the left hand side of the forums. Another is DeeJayDebi's web site. www.deejayssmokepit.net. Lots of good info there too. Dont be shy, and again, BIG WELCOME!
Hey mike and welcome to SMF!!! You will find alot more than just rub recipes. If you have any questions you can ask and someone will be along shortly with help...

welcome and smoke on!!!
Welcome to SMF Mike. Glad to have you aboard with us. Looking forward to seeing your posts.. don't forget we like to see those pics.

Keep Smokin
howdy mike

This place is great. I have learned a ton here. The 5 day course helps a lot.I have had every question answered quickly and more times than you could imagine. There are many new things to learn here also. you could make anything that can be eaten here.
And a big welcome to SMF from a neighbour to the north in Canada!
Don't forget to sign up for Jeff's free 5 day eCourse.
He also has free PDF files you can download that have a lot of info.
Lots of friendly folks here to answer any question you may have.
We love pics of food before and after along with pics of equipment too!
Keep on smokin'!!!
welcome to SMF from a fellow texan. glad you found us. if you have any questions, just ask. i learned alot from these guys when i started last november.
Welcome Mike D! You will learn a ton from these guys. I'm a noob like yourself but you'll put out some tasty vittles before you know it, thanks to SMF!

Hey Mike, a big welcome from AL. I didn't know Lone Star was still around, I was stationed at Ft Hood in 67 forming up a Helicopter Combat Assault unit and we called ourselves the LoneStars and we came by that name honest
When we deployed to Nam they changed our name.
Aw Bill,I'm sorry i missed ya in WV last week,lol i was doing some ribs for my inlaws in Hinton,when i found the site looking for the rib rub.Ty for the greeting!
Thanks to everyone for the welcome,I like this place already! Sending Blackhawk a 6pak of Lone Star beer,asking Bill why i couldnt find a brisket or fajita meat at kroger's in Charleston?
Glad to have you onboard the SMF. This is the place to ask questions, and get the best answers. Do signup for the 5 day ecoarse.
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