Hi-temp cheese

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Smoke Blower
Original poster
Apr 7, 2007
NW burbs of Chicago
I was just wondering what it's made of or how high temp cheese is made. I remember years ago getting low fat cheese for english muffin pizzas. The cheese did not melt at all. It just charred.
Sounds like Weight Watchers plastic cheese!

They have a rapid syneresis induced by high renneting temperature and high cooking temperature.High temperature cheeses are pressed at higher temperatures and the lactose is removed by syneresis. There is little acid development before draining.

Basically what this means is when you add the rennet to the cheese (this is what separates the solids from the liquids - curds and whey?) it is done at a higher than normal temperature. Syneresis is simply the extraction of a liquid from a gel. Because of these higher temperatures there less acid which is what breaks down first in the cheeses under higher temperatures. Then the cheese is pressed at a higher temperature further reducing the liquids and the acids.

I also make cheese and have a section on my site explaining basic cheese making id your interested:

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