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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by rollnkode3, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. rollnkode3

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    Hi All,

    I used the Hi Mountain's Summer Sausage http://shop.himtnjerky.com/online/pr...cat=251&page=1 this weekend and smoked 15# of venison. I smoked per the directions in the kit to an internal temp of 156*F and think everything turned out good.

    My question is what is the consensus for long term storage of this kind of sausage? I plan to FoodSaver the links and give them out to friends and family. The directions in the kit say to refrigerate or freeze after smoking. The kit came with a cure comprised of salt and sodium nitrate. Wouldn't this allow for storage in a cool, dry place, especially sealed in FoodSaver bags?

    Thanks in advance (my first post!) [​IMG]
  2. ds7662

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    Yes vacum sealing will allow you to store/freeze it until you plan on giving it out. Check out roll call and introduce your slef to everyone. Welcome SMF by the way.
  3. mossymo

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    Welcome to SMF !!!

    After smoking summer sausage and bringing the internal meat temp to where you want it I give the summer sausage a cold water bath; or this time of the year where I live I put them in a snow bank (yellow snow free of course !!!). The cold water bath keeps your summer sausage plump and helps prevent it from shrinking and having shriveled casing (it's all about presentation). Then after it has been brought to refrigerator temp we cut it into 1 lb. chunks, foodsaver and freeze.
  4. bigarm's smokin

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    I used the same cure as you, shipped my friend in SC some jerky and summer sausage, frozen. The jerky arrived fine but the sausage was moldy. [​IMG] I shipped it priority mail.
  5. seaham358

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    I use that kit and it makes some great SS. I use the food saver and have some in the freezer 2 years old and when I thaw and eat it tastes great still.
    After a few weeks in a baggie in the fridge I have had it get some mold.
    In the FS never any issues..
  6. rollnkode3

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    Thanks for all the great replies! I love SMF! It's good to be here. You all make a person feel welcome...!

    I got everything all packaged and sealed up. After smoking, I just put the sticks in the fridge and didn't know about the cold water bath, so I did have some wrinkles, but DANG it tastes GREAT!!!!! One batch was Jalapeno & Cheddar and the other was Onion & Garlic.

    Better safe than sorry so I'm gonna throw em in the deep freeze!

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