Hi From Michigan

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bud's bbq

Meat Mopper
Original poster
Jan 22, 2007
Ada, MI
Hi all, found this great forum thanks to a member that suggested I check it out (thanks cheech). Me and my wife got hooked on smoking and bbq about a year ago and have never looked back, we love it and so do our friends that get to benifit from some good groceries!! We both checked out the site last night and there is a wealth of information here as well as some great folks, looking foward to talking some Q with everybody, being that both myself and my wife will use the site, will try to sign the post with wich one of us it is. Thanks, Bud & Theresa
Welcome to the both of you. You'll find that SMF is a close knit community that is willing to share the knowledge of the Thin Blue. Looking forward to your posts.
Thank you all for the welcome, we have allready gleaned some jewles of wisdom here, gonna try to do the smoke can mod on our GOSM before the next smoke.

Thanks Again, Theresa
Howdy, Bud. Howdy, Theresa. Thanks for the nice message in my welcome/rollcall thread. Nice to see more Michiganders in the (smoke) house. I've only been here a short time myself, but I already love the place. Glad you joined!
Welcome Bud and Theresa :D ! Great to have you guys and enjoy all of the awesome advice and people you will meet here! All of us love pics and any you could post of your smoker/product would truly be ''gobbled up" :lol: ! Enjoy your visits! Daun
Thank you all so very much, this site is absoultley wonderfull. It's so nice to have a place that you can learn so much and share your experience's as well. Building a wind break this weekend, will let you all know what we come up with :)
Good luck Theresa! Fighting the winds and cold are a real challedge for smoking in the Northern climates. Looks like it's going to be a brutal winter too!
Thanks Debi. We're suppose to have the coldes't weather in a decade for next weekend's big cook, high temp of 5*F and low temps expected to be -0*F and below :roll:, so hoping the wind break will help a bit with keeping a steady temp and saving on some gas. I think your styrofoam igloo is brilliant!!. Neccesity the mother of all invention :D. Will post some pics later today with the finished project.

I did find the roof was critical to saving the heat. Initially at around 30 degrees just blocking three sides worked fine.

At 5 degrees 4 sides weren't enough. Poor litttle ECB was freezing up even with thewater bowl in there. I'm going to have to make a door and close off all 5 sides. The winter winds are always changing direction.

I'm thinking I might have to try the propane burner but I love the taste of charcol. SO far I've only sed to propane as a chimney to start the charcol or keep thing warm (including me) while a turn stuff over .

Good luck.
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