Hi From Boston.Thank god I found this place.

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Jul 4, 2007
Saugus, Massachusetts
Hi everyone. My name is Doug and I'm from Saugus,Massachusetts. About 7 miles north of downtown Boston. I just found this forum while Googling for Smoked Boston Butt recipes. Where have you guys been all my life ?!?! LOL! I cant wait to soak up all the good info here and become a master like some of you.

A little about my cooking/grilling/smoking resume. My wife and both love to cook and eat so we make a good couple. As with most couples I am responsible for the "outside" cooking and she does the "inside" stuff. Three years ago I got a Charbroil H2O smoker for fathers day and I fell in love with it. My specialty is Babybacks and I have spent the last 3 years perfecting my recipe. They have become so popular with family and friends that if I show up to a cookout without them people are not happy. I also make a great dry rubbed cedar plank salmon and our roasted garlic teriyaki turkey burgers with gorgonzola cheese are pretty good if I do say so myself.

I am fortunate enough to be on vacation until the 16th so I will be experimenting and I am looking forward to smoking my first Boston Butt this week. My research led me here. I really think I'm going to learn a lot from you guys.

(On a different subject what image uploader do you guys use to post pictures? I would love to post some of mine. My wife thinks I'm crazy for taking pictures of our food. !!!

Thanks for reading this far and Happy 4TH to all of you. !
Welcome aboard. Glad you found SMF. Check the threads for a resizer program. Uploads through the site are limited to 97kb in jpg format. Some folk us other sites to park and upload their images. They'll be along and bring you up to speed on these options.
Welcome to the site !!! I like you, just found the site a month ago and have learned quite a bit here. My wife thinks I spend too much time on-line but she sure likes the smoking recipes I am learning here. It is a very helpful bunch of fellow smokers here.

I believe most members are posting their pic's with SMF's photo hosting service, which you can access when you are typing your message by just clicking on the paper clip in the tool bar located above the body of your message, to select your attachment. Personally I use http://imageshack.us/ for photo hosting.

I am looking forward to seeing your smoking creations.
welcome to SMF. i upload through the forum's attachment dealy. i just click on the paperclip at the top of the format bar. i use microsoft photoeditor to resize my photos on my pc first.
Testing 123 Testing 123 Looks like I figured it out. Is there a limit to filesize if I use imageshack to host?
Welcome to SMF hhookk!!! Great looking pics, we might just go ahead and learn from you.

On the pics, Imageshack does get rid of the limitations of the forum as well as keep the bill down for our host. It's how I post all mine. It sounds like your experienced w/ it, but you can post a thumbnail and take up virtually no space on the SMF server at all then if someone wants to view it it's just a click away. Enjoy the forums and I'm looking forward to more pics!!!
Hi Doug! We had a formal intro in my thread so I thought I would come over to see what you are brewing up.

I use Photobucket for my file storage but it looks like you've figured it out so you probably don't need that info any longer.

LOOKIN' GREAT!! I didn't realize you were smoking yesterday as well. I know the rain at the end of the day was a bummer but at least it doesn't effect the smoking process. :)
Actually those pictures weren't from yesterday. They were from a couple months ago. Those Teriyaki tenderloins were fantastic. I might have to do them again soon. Thanks everyone for the nice welcome. I think I'm going to like it here.
Welcome to SMF hhookk. You're gonna fit right in. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

Keep Smokin
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