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May 13, 2006
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Howdy folks new here as you can see. I been BBQ'ing <not grilling> in my weber and decided to buy a charbroil smoker with the firebox. After doing a sample rack of ribs cooking slow and for 6 hours at a temp of 250 deg they almost turned to beef jerky. I did baste maybe not often enough and too much smoky flavor. I used Oak and Hickory wood. So I'm here to learn this art and have fun. Any suggestions would be most helpful <seeing how my wife has a bbq planned> laugh

For ribs, Joe, try the 3,2,1 method. Three hours aprox on the smoker or until the meat pells back about 1/4 inch from the ends of the rib bones, then wrap in aluminum foil with some liquid like apple juice for about 2 hours, then unwrap and finish on the smoker basting with your finishing or bbq suace for the last hour. Times are approximate are temp of smoker should be close to 220f. Use the search cube at the bottom of this page for 3,2,1 if you want more info.
Good luck and welcome to a great sight.

Howdy Scott, I tried the 3-2-1 method <in the pouring rain yesterday> and it worked well, not too much trouble keeping the heat up to 220. Still very smokey any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I been reading other posts here and am impressed. Great Place to learn and pick up few tips as well. Thanks for the responce..

Welcome to SMF Joe. There is a lot of great info to be had here just by reading the various post. If by chance you have any questions that you haven't found an answer for just give us a shout and we'll help you out.

For the ideal smoke, you want the smoke coming out of the vent to be a thin bluish smoke. How much wood are you placing on your charcoal?
Hi Earl D!
I was using a weber until 2 weeks ago We went out and bought a Char-broil smoker with the side fire box. I use Lump Charcoal to start the fire in the box and then I add 1-5" x 16" piece of oak. I am getting alot of smoke thick and blue. Perhaps I should let the log burn off some before putting the meat in the smoker?

Thanks for your help Earl,
Joe- When I use my charcoal smoker and my GOSM I mainly use wood chunks. I use 3 or 4 chunks that are roughly 1 1/2 inches thick and between 2 1/2 -3 inch in diameter.

Since the charcoal is providing your cooking heat- the wood is for the smoke flavor. You may want to experment with wood chunks or let you log burn down some before adding the meat to the smoker.
Howdy Joe and welcome. It looks like you've gotten some pretty good advice. I would definatly go with the chunks since your using lump charcoal for heat. It will save you a lot of wood in the end.
Ahh a light goes off, I used wood chunks in my weber <hickery and maple> and still have some left. I'm getting the picture now Earl..
Thanks for the advice <again>
Howdy lady J, What can I say? perhaps a better poet .. laugh naww .. I'll try the wood chunks this weekend. Wood was getting scarce until I noticed the maple kitchen chairs <kidding> If I did that my wife would smoke me.. hehe
Thanks for the welcome,
Keep in mind that if you are using lump charcoal, you are already using pre-burned wood chunks, so even though you may not see the smoke, you are actually cooking with almost perfect smoke before you even add any wood chunks. So use wood chunks sparingly.
I've done several butts and ribs with nothing but lump charcoal and you still get a very nice smokey flavor.
Also, might try using some different types of wood. Oak and Hickory are a couple of pretty strong wood flavors.
If you get a chance, try some apple or cherry..very nice smoke flavor without being overpowering.

Hi Rock, More good advice. I knew I joined the right forum. I was going to go up north to get some apple wood but due to rain in the north east I didn't. I'll be trying that method you mensioned this weekend on some ribs <I have smoked ribs on my weber and they were fall off the bone good> Just new to the side firebox style of smoking. I make my own rub and bbq sauce and have used apple juice <I like apple cider better> to spay on the meat. Anyway I had no problem on my weber as far as the meat pulling back on the bone. Sofar no luck in the smoker though but 2nd set of ribs were more tender than the first. I have also done pulled pork and jerk chicken. I think it's all techneeek controling the heat and smoke.
Thanks Rock, I'll let ya know how they come out, I may even have a few pics to share.

Thanks Again,
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