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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by sir smokesalot, May 21, 2007.

  1. hi all,
    i just signed up for the forum (hoping for some summer guidance) and i thought i would introduce myself. I am a 40 ish canadian, good in the kitchen with a yearning for smoking. For about a year now i have been experimenting, with various degrees of success. I bought Jeffs rub recipe and sauce, and I must say the rub is great. The sauce...well i only tried it once and the kids frankly preferred the bottled stuff. Sorry Jeff. But me and my wife liked it a lot--i jacked it with a little JD and it was real fine!
    I'm looking forward to sharing some stories with you all, and reading yours.
    Tomorrow is Victoria Day in Ontario, a holiday for everyone. I plan on ribs. Question....does anyone use Jeffs rub (or any dry style) overnight? The directions say do it just before the heat, but im wondering if tenderness
    and taste may be improved with a few hours in the fridge.
    See you all on-line!
  2. monty

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    Welcome aboard, Sir Smokesalot! Good to see that our membership from up north is increasing! For ribs, loin and tenderloin I prefer to lay on the rub just before heat. For other hunks of meat I have found that an overnight stay in the intended rub can add to the overall flavor. Just my opinion

    But most of all, welcome! And BTW, some of the folks here refer to me as Sir Monty!

  3. illini

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    Make sure you get the membrane pulled off the underside before you apply the rub....wrap them in plastic wrap and refrigerate till the next day when you cook them....you won't be disappointed

    Now that you have two opposing opinions....try them both!!
  4. Welcome to SMF. People use rubs in different ways. Some will put it on over night and then refresh it just before cooking. Some just prior to cooking. It's all personal preference. Try it as the directions say, and see if you like it. Good luck.
  5. No offence, Sir. I haven't earned the moniker yet, its just that my 8 year old gave it to me! Thanks for the advice. I think i may try the overnight thing. My ribs always taste ok, but they are never as tender as I would like. Might as well try something different. I wasnt sure if it would ruin them tho, but the replies lead me to believe i should just give 'er a try.
  6. wvsmokeman

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    Welcome to the SMF. For ribs, I have applied the rub both ways and I favor putting it on just before the smoke. For me, it results in a better bark. Hope you have a good smoke!
  7. billyq

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    Welcome to the forum. I usuallly rub my ribs befopre I put them on the smoker. I've found that if I rub them overnight, they tend to taste "hammy". It's all personal preference.
  8. I heard that before as well. Hammy is not good. Soo confusing! Yet so fun. try try try. ribbing is fun. you guys are great.
  9. deejaydebi

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    Welcome SirSmokesalot -

    I too perfer last minute rubbed ribs to overnighters.
  10. t-bone tim

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    Welcome aboard SMF, Sir smokesalot, great place and peeps here,jump right in, lookin forward to another fellow canadians posts...remember we all love the porn (pics)[​IMG]
  11. teacup13

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    welcome to SMF... lots of us canadians on here as well...

    where abouts by T.O. are yah?
  12. ultramag

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    Welcome to SMF Sir Smokesalot!!!
  13. jts70

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    Welcome aboard!
  14. I'm in burlington. Just throwing on some ribs now....wait for the smell......mmmmm ribs! Where are you?
  15. cheech

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    Welcome aboard, I too am a last minute rub kind of guy. Mostly due to failure to plan ahead
  16. squeezy

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    Welcome to SMF from another fellow Canadian ... I live in Woodstock, not far from you ...

    I just got back from the lake this afternoon.
    I did ribs as well ... went there Friday night and early Saturday I was reseasoning my offset when my wife suggested putting on some pig candy, which I did ( a whole cookie sheet full)
    I wanted the ribs for Sunday dinner, so I removed the membranes and applied rub that afternoon and prepared some ABTs, all of which I refridgerated overnight. I pulled everything out 2 hours before putting them on at 11:30 am ... we were all ready to sit down at about 5:00 after nibbling on the ABTs as appetizers ... major yum! [​IMG]
  17. msmith

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    Welcome aboard Sir Smokesalot.

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