Hey FlaGriller

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Jun 20, 2007
Troy AL
I went to Montgomery to the VA Hospital and when I left I stopped at Wally-World just to look around.When I got home and pulled into the driveway and stopped my car opened it's truck and showed me a new GOSM wide body.
WOW, I guess the training I gave it finally paid off.
Now if I can just get the car to put it together while I supervise with a cold one in my hand
Congrats on the new addition!

Let me know how that goes with the putting together part. I'm still trying to get my lawn mower to mow the yard by itself!
FlaGriller posted about his getting him a remote thermometer, he instructed me on training the car and I decided to go "Big". It took a couple of tries but the car finally came thru for me, but I did have to put it together myself, maybe he'll help me with curing it tomorrow
Good job on the training!
Now the advanced training begins, it's called selective car gifting! I've been recently talking to my car about it's bad habits, but I think it's too late, oh well. I have to go to Lowes today to get stuff for my sons eagle project, so we'll see what happens...
Good Luck
I now what you mean about bad habits and being selective, I went to Wally-World this morning to get a bigger pan for a wood box and one of those thermometers that hang on your rack and Damn if my car didn't come home with an Old Lady in the trunk
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