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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jimd, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. Guess I am the newest new bee of all.Have been smoking off and on for years but would never claim to know a lot bout it . I am 45 And live In north central Missouri .
    Recently purchased a smoke hollow cabinet smoker have only smoked smome chicken breast on it so far . but am putting a 15 pound turkey on at about midnight .
    was just surfing through and have alread found so mich info . So I would like to say thanks in advance for all the answers to the silly questions I am sur I will ask .
  2. kratzx4

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    Welcome to SMF. the good folks here believe that the only silly question is thw one you don't ask. So ask away and someone will be along with the answer. heck sometimes you will get 4 or 5 differant answers so you can take your pick. Be forewarned however this is a very addicting hobby and there is no cure. So now enjoy your journey into the world of smoke cooking
  3. solar

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    Hello Everyone!! [​IMG] I too just registered this morning. I live in St. Petersburg, FL, the city where a lot of great restaurants have gotten their start, but for every great steak house, wing house, sandwich and seafood place we have here, there's a huge lack of good real BBQ places. So I decided to take things into my own hands and start making my own.

    I'm familier with smoking, but haven't owned a real smoker until now. Every year for Thanksgiving I brine a turkey and grill/smoke it on my Weber kettle grill with great results. It comes out more moist than a deep fried turkey, and the flavor and clean up is much much better.

    I just bought a used Brinkmann SnP smoker that's in great shape for $50. The last owner mainly used it as a charcoal grill and rarely smoked anything. He said everytime he smoked something it either came out over or under done. When I asked him what temps he was cooking at, he gave me a confused look and pointed out that he didn't have a thermometer [​IMG] .

    I'm planning on doing a few mods to it before I smoke my first hunk of meat. I want it install a couple thermometers in the door so they're close to the cooking surface. I'm going to extend the smoke stack inside the cooking camber so it's closer to the cook surface. Today I'm heading to my friends metal shop to configure some sort of heat baffle for the fire box and try to even out the temp in the cooking chamber. Later today I'm going to fire it up for a "dry run" with no meats on it just to see how well I can control the temp.

    Really looking forward to reading and hearing everyones feedback and tips on making some good BBQ. Football season is just around the corner so I hope I can tweak my smoking skills a bit by then with a little help from everyone here.
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    Welcome to the forum Jim and Solar, glad to have you aboard.
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    hea JimD and solar, welcome both of ya to smf, you will both find this a great sight and always someone here to help, mebe talk to ya in chat and above all cant wait to see your smokes!!!!
  6. carpetride

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    Welcome from the bootheel!
  7. dingle

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    Welcome Jimd and solar. Glad you're both here! QVIEW!!!
  8. waysideranch

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    Welcome Jim D.
  9. dennisdocb

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    Welcome Jim and Solar..glad to have you on board
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    Welcome to the both of ya's! I'm a Missouri (SE) native and a Tampa Bay resident. Glad to have ya'll onboard!
  11. white cloud

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    Well friend, you sir have just hit the jack pot welcome.
  12. welcome to the SMF! Look forward to hearing from you and seeing some QVIEW!
  13. norrell6

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    Hey Solar,

    Sounds like you got a good deal. I wouldn't bother with putting a thermometer in the door. I would just put a cheap oven thermometer on the shelf. I have a couple to gauge the temp difference from high to low in my vertical smoker. Once you know what the real temp is inside your smoker, you can use the thermometer that is already in the door. It will probably be off but at least you will know how much to add or subtract to get the right temp. Glad you joined and Good Luck.
  14. bertjo44

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    Welcome to both Jim and Solar, are you twins?
  15. kookie

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    Welcome to the smf............Glad to have you here..............
  16. solar

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    Problem is there was no thermometer in the door, ever, so I installed 2 in the door last Saturday along with a few other mods (see here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=20619)

    My first smoke was 2 BCC and they came out great!!

    I still need to play with my baffle some more and seal up both sides better. I was getting about 240° on the left and close to 210° on the right, but was able to hold these temps all day long, so I'm on the right track. [​IMG]

    bertjo44, not sure why you think we might be twins? When I joined up to this forum I thought this was the thread I was to use to introduce myself, then I found out later that I should've posted my own thread. I didn't mean to highjack Jim's thread.[​IMG]
  17. oldschoolbbq

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    Pictures Jimd,Pictures!
  18. First bird out of the new smoker . 15 LBs of just plain great flavor.

    If you look in the cheese section you will see my pictures of my cheese smoker .
    Thanks for the great welcome.
  19. richoso1

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    Welcome to the SMF. Don't be shy about asking questions, we have many qualified members with great tips and tales.
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    welcome aboard fellas, glad to have ya and with the pics you just posted, it looks like you are ganna fit right in.

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