Hey all you guys that took metal shop in high school!!!

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  1. Someone build me a nice baffle for a char-broil silver smoker. Something that covers the opening side to side, angles downward at about 35 degrees, is probably 18" long and drill rows of holes starting very small by the heat end (1/8") getting bigger toward the chimney end (1"). Make it fit with the existing both that is right over the hole between the firebox and cooking chamber.

    I guarantee this is easy work for anyone that has the tools and time and I know you could make a killing. Everybody that buys a silver smoker or char-grill smokin' pro will want one. That's about a million people. You could build it for $5.00 and sell it for $25 plus shipping on eBay. You'd make money. I'd be your first customer and help you setup the ebay store and paypal account (for 5%). I'd build it myself except for two things. First, and most important, I'm lazy. I dream of this baffle but smoking meat is hard enough, I don't want to mess around building this thing too. Second, I probably don't have the tools needed and don't want to buy them.
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    Hmmmmmm, I could have that made at work, would only take a few minutes on a laser and I know I can get a piece of junk 12ga stainless steel, Darn now you got me thinking again ! I'll have to have it made to fit my smoke-n-pit, should'n be hard at all. I'll let ya know how it works out.
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    I'm gonna laugh when it IS mass marketed and produced, and you're kicking yourself, out $25. I had a million dollar idea once, but I it was in the middle of the night and I didn't get up to write it down. Such is life.
  4. I hope you have success! I'm telling you it would be simple manufacturing (if you have access to the tools) and there are a few million char-grill smokin pro's and char-broil silver smokers out there. Even if you cleared on $1 net profit per unit (which you'd actually clear much more) you'd still be a millionaire. I could setup and maintain the e-commerce side of it for a small %. That would alleviate you having to take care of the web site or the money. You'd just get shipping orders and have to build and ship units.
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    Guess what, I just got a silver smoker in July and need to do the mods!! I'm in!
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    Given how simple & inexpensive the mods are combined with how few people will even imagine a need to mod the grill, you'd have to invest a lot of $$$ to make it work. Not on tooling or materials etc.... but on ADVERTISING. You'd have to find a way to reach them and convince them that their grill could work better - AND that your product is the way to get there.

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