Hey all, I'm New

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New to the forum and wanted to say hey. I've got a Great Outdoors Gas Smoker that I've had for several years now. Still learning a lot, but I can do good enough to make most of the people I'm cooking for think I'm a pro even if I know better

I also have a Holland Grill, and my Fiances small patio Weber Gas Grill as well as a double burner fish cooker.

I love the smoker when I have a weekend of nothing to do, but all of the grills server a purpose.

Hopefully before long I'll be adding something with an Infrared burner to the arsenal (may have to sooner than latter since the Holland is on it's last legs)

I was probably 10 or so when I put our family's first Gas Grill together. Been cooking outdoors for over 25 years.
Welcome !!!
A Holland on its last legs, that is sad. Our full size one is about 9 years old, I have replaced the belly of it under warranty. I am hoping for 2 to 3 more years out of it, then I will purchase another Holland, but next time it will be stainless steel.
I bought the cheap one, 12 years ago (I think the warranty is 5 years). The burner is still going strong but the underside is about gone. It's a great grill and worth every penny, but since I use the smoker for most of the slower stuff now, I want something with a nice hot flame that can really sear a steak. Like them crispy on the outside and bloody on the inside.
Welcome to SMF. Lots of great people and awesome Q here. Glad to have you join us.
Hello from another fellow smoker. Hope you enjoy the company and comments.
A hearty welcome from the First State JeepDiver! Glad to have you with us!
Bienvenidos from Arizona.

Where are you at? Be sure to add your tack to the map so when we see smoke, we can come have a picnic at your house..
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