Here is one that doesn't make sense

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I wouldn't want it in my house. Why would I want to use it outside instead of my GOSM or CG? That makes no sense for me to have. Imagine using that in an apartment building and setting off the fire alarms!!!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I have a friend who once had a stove top smoker, he lived in an apartment and had no yard. It worked well in getting the smoke flavor to the meat, but the smoke smell was in his whole apartment for 1 week at a time. When his wife had to throw away a purse because it smelled like a burnt forest, he had to give it up. Oh, he always had to dissconnect the smoke alarm. He paid $40 for it.
That dang thing is doing more steamin' then smokin' !
Did you see the video? ... those ribs didn't look anything like smoked ribs to me ... and the guy says " Look at that fall of the bone ribs" ... Oh yay!
You know second hand smoke could getya kilt.

Seem to recall last Christmas in a Wally's they had a roasting oven that was for smoking. Looked normal on the outside but had a recess on the steel pan to hold wood chips. Price wasn't very much more than they reg model roasting ovens.
Would ya' look at that... the "George Foreman" smoker. Not in my house!!
I dont know what you guys are talking about. That guy is a real Chef look at his clothes. This thing has got to work great I didnt see hardly any smoke, it is a miracle smoker smoke flavor w/o smoke. I want 2 or 3.

At this point I hope you see the sarcasm driping like BBq sauce b/c its really thick.
Well if you gotta have that then you must get this also:

Infared Cooking: The secret used by 5-star restaurants around the world has finally made it into the home! A 100% harmless, 100% effective halogen light penetrates your food – all the way to the center. The bonus is that, unlike microwave ovens, this process doesnâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]t burn or dry out the outer layer of your food before it cooks it!

Oh ya baby the "secret" used by 5-star restaurants......uh huh!

You mean that's not true? But, it's on the internet... it's gotta be true!
It has a 60 minute timer on it! That way you can count how many times you have to restart the thing.

That is what I want to do. Get up every hour to start the griddle so it can cook that pork butt. Who needs sleep?
This is not for slow smoking. It is for fast smoking (375 degrees F). It works very well. It is based on the alcohol burning fast smokers they use in Australia and New Zealand, but without the dangerous invisible alcohol flames. The name "Anuka" is taken from the manuka tree which they use to smoke down there. They use sawdust/small chips of the manuka tree to smoke. The manual says not to use indoors probably twenty times. It smokes trout/salmon in 15 to 20 minutes, and it adds plenty of smoke flavor. You guys shouldn't knock that which you know little about. I just joined, and am already disappointed to see others and myself being made fun of because I don't use a big massive slow smoker. Thanks for the hospitality.

When ya get time go over to roll call and introduce yourself and let us know where your from and what kind of equipment you use. Also sign up for the 5 day e-course, loads of info for you. An welcome to SMF.

So, how many easy payments is this thing?
Ditto the above post viperbyte . Jump in and let us get to know you in roll call . Read a bit here , were not snobs , and if you have one of those and like it then please take some pics and tell us about some food you smoked on it

I don't think that there is a member here that was not surprised at seeing how someone else did something different
That's the great thing here , no right or wrong , it's all good and tastey
yes as icruzen said roll call please tell us about yourself and your smokers etc, so we know a bit about you. i dont think anyone was intending to come off as a snob and i am sure none had a manual to read which apparently you do. there are many products which we buy and through this forum and interactive discussion many mods developed to make them into better operating smokers which benefit us all. the impression i got when looking at the link is that it for indoor use as well. i am open to all types of smokers and own too many. i think the biggest thing is that kind of money why not just get an MES if u want electric? being you have just joined i welcome you to the site and you will soon discover all the people who you think may be snobs are actually great people with lots of expierience for you to learn from. i beleive your opinion of them/ if i can be so bold as to include myself/us, will change drastically. i also invite you to share some smokes with your electric smoker with us and share your secrets and post some qview so we can all see what this product can turn out. there have been other items that have been discussed like this and all opinions are welcomed. that is why this sight so great. again definatly nothing negative meant here. from the time i have been invol
Welcome to SMF!

Sorry if any of our comments put you off! Based on the link supplied in the original post, and the video at HSN, it appeared that this unit was being used indoors.

Please post some q-view and describe the results. I'm always willing to learn something new. That's why we all joined here at SMF!

enjoy the forums.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


I also feel the same way as erain, no harm/insult/bad vibes ever intended by anyone. Looking forward to your next smoke and Q View too. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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