Here I am.

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Aug 17, 2006
By Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Well, I have hardly a thing to say other than I look forward to lots of great information, great recipies and many new ideas to try.

I have a small homemade smoker which sits on an old RV type propane stove. I made it to smoke fish at the lake, therefore it is collaspable and simple.

My first attempt at fish was So-So, but when I smoked a beef steak for a couple of hours, then finished it on the grill, well, I was hooked on trying everything and anything. I

I hope to try this weekend and am torn between a brisket or a chicken. The chicken will probably win out because I would hate to waste a brisket while I am learning my smoker. (it is hard to destroy a chicken)

If it all works well, then it will be off to the smoker store for a simple, but useful smoker that will handle the amounts that a family of 4 can use.

Most of the time it is just 2 of us unless the children come out for a visit.

I guess I have more to say than I thought.

Best of all to all and

Welcome aboard, Peter!

We're happy you found us.

You will find just about any piece of information you will need right here. And if you have any question at all please just find the appropriate thread and post it. An answer will soon come!

We are like a big fun loving family and a lot of friendship and camaraderie helps foster a warm and comfy atmosphere.

So, kick back, fill your glass, cup, or pop a top and relax as you read through some of the threads which interest you!


Welcome. Welcome!

I'm fairly new here. These folks know smoke. Just ask and they will answer. They have given me much good advice and made me feel at home.


Welcome Peter, grab a cold one and jump right on in.

If you decide to buy a smoker I suggest you go with this one or one like it.

Less than $40.00 and can handle just about anything you want to smoke I cooked on 1 for years and was feeding 6 at the time.

or if you want there it this which does the same things, only WAY BETTER.

If you choose the WSM search on the net for a great price, and try for free shipping and handling.

Hope to here from you soon, looking forward to any pics of that smoker you use now.

Lite them fires, and Smoke something
Ahh Fresh Meat, <kidding> Hi Peter and welcome, Your gonna have a ball here. Lots on info and great folks. Grab a beer and a chair.

We sure are glad you found us Peter. Gary has a couple of good ideas there for a starter. Home depot is a good place to look. If you have one close, Wal-mart also has a selection of quality named smokers that are reasonably priced. I would also suggest your local hardware/home or outdoor supply store also. You can always search the Web for smokers too. Whatever you do, keep us all in the loop, as there are LOTS of very knowledgeable folks on this site who can answer your questions, and offer great advice! Welcome!!
Welcome to SMF, Peter-it's nice to have another member from the northern territories join our humble little group.

When you get a chance, checkout tulsajeff's 5-day eCourse on smoking. It's an excellent primer to get you started out right and a good Reference source on smoking to have on hand once you've been at it a while. No one's mention this yet-but we love pictures of smoked foods, so if your handy with a digital camera take some pic of what you smoke and post them so we can see what you have done.

Looking forward to adventures (and misadventures) in Smoking-

Thanks for making me welcome. I do indeed plan on taking lots of pictures, I am a menace with my camera and since I am trying something new, I will try to keep a record of my efforts.

Icemn62, I was looking at the links you suggested and have a question. Is this

The Great Outdoors
Deluxe Gas Smoker
Model 3605BGD

The unit that I read so much about? It seems that it would fit my expected needs very well and since it is gas and should be easy to regulate temperature.

The price is a bit high and because I am in Canada, will be a bit higher yet (provided I can get that unit here) but I would be happy to buy it.

A lot of this depends on how much the other half likes my cooking, and of course how I like it.

welcome peter, you have indeed found the right place to come with your questions, these guys have all the answers to all the questions. as a matter of fact i fouund the answers to all my questions before i could ask. im here to stay. wildcat. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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