Here are my Butts/Picnics

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Original poster
Mar 1, 2007
Long Beach CA
Like I promised...

Getting Ready


Coals Started


Final Rub



Did ya notice the sacrificial potato?

Did not take pictures of the pulled pork, started pulling and eating, greasy fingers

Rick <><
Those are some good lookin groceries Rick. Thanks for sharing with us.

Keep Smokin
Looks really good Rick! I hear you about the greasy fingers and after waiting al day... smelling all that good food ... sometimes you just can't stop to take pictures!

It has always occurred to me that if they can turn sound and vision into a digital signal and pass it through wires across the Earth and beyond then why not smell?

All you would need is a receiver that could detect the signal and reproduce the smell.

After that they would come up with Surround Smell 7.1 where it would smell like it was all around you

Ok.. back to reality now!!!
Yup Chris has it. I use the potato to keep the probe tip off the grill. I have tried the metal teepee style holders but they always get lost and I always have a potato around. Rock hard after a good smoke!

Here is a different pic of another smoke... one lonely Butt!

hey rick, welcometo the best forum on the web. i call it home school for smokers. nice to have another smoker from cali join up. enjoy/. wildcat is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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