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Jun 1, 2008
As most of you have seen there has been horrible weather events recently all over the country. Alot of people want to help but do not know how to do so.

May I suggest Operation BBQ Relief. I was in a hurricane area last year and even though we didn't have damage at my house alot around us did and getting a good hot meal meant the world to the area when they had no power as compared to just a MRE.

There are other great organizations out there that can help as well but I have first hand experience with OBR.

To donate go to

Hug your families and be thankful that your safe and alive.

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That's a great idea Brian, thanks for posting it! Sometimes hard to know what to do to help when the authorities are saying to stay away from the devastated areas.

They have a line of rubs too...if anyone is interested. Their all purpose is my go-to for hot and fast beef stuff. Really good way to support them as well!!
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