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May 23, 2007
I have a camp chef 16 and when i fired it up today, I am gettin black soot all over. the flame was all yellow. Camp Chef adv that I put the chip tray on top of the burner to lower the temps. i have done other smokes but this time my chick is all sooty.

i have tried to adjust the air vent to get a blue flame the best that I can. Any suggestions?

Also is the chick saveable? It was only on about an hour or so.

Chicken probably is no very salvageable. The sooty residue will permeate into the meat.

Your air vents on the burner maybe blocked by insects, namely spiders. This is an occasional problem with propane grill. Spiders build webs which block air flow, which lead to yellow flames instead of blue.
Sounds like a "Dirt Dobber" has made his nest in your gas element or the air intake. Maybe a spiderweb in there. The yellow flame is just about pure gas. The blue flame your looking for is the air and gas mixture.Take a stiff wire or somemthing a try and clean it out. Never cook over a yellow flame you will get sick. Just my 2 cents.
Jeff can you tell us what you may have done different this time? Make sure your exhaust vent is open. You may have used too much wood for smoke. Remember thin blue smoke almost invisible blue smoke is what you want. If you have a lot of white billowey smoke it will cause the creosote build up you speak of. Also if your air mixture isn't correct it will cause the soot problem also

You can finish the smoke once you have your smoke and temps under control and remove the skin before eating - it will be ugly bitter.

Good Luck and Keep Smokin
Sounds like a blocked burner as was stated above. I'd check for that first. maybe disconnect the tank as well to check to make sure there is no restricon in the valve from the tank to the hose.
Thanks for the quick responses. The only thing I did different is undo the tank and have it filled and then reattached it.

Checking connections and such now
Whenever I've had too much yellow flame on my Brinkmann I have to readjust the air intake. The response is very quick to notice. Between us all, you should be back on track soon! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.