Help with this chicken wing/drummy idea

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May 20, 2014
Planning on doing wings/drummies this way next weekend but need help with the details.

1. Marinade overnight with Jeff's buttermilk brine idea.

2. Season the next day

3. Toss in masterbuilt electric smoker.  Not sure on what temp or what wood to use?   Was thinking Maple at 250?

4. Not sure how long to anticipate them needing in the smoker? ( because I will finish on weber.)

5.Coat with BBQ sauce and finish on weber grill direct flame?   Or would indirect be better?   Maybe just dial it down and choke off on the temp on the direct flame so they don't get all charred?

Any help on:

What temp and for how long in electric smoker?

Best wood when planning to coat with BBQ sauce.   I've used Alder before but thought it would get overridden by the sauce.   Thinking about Hickory as well as the Maple I mentioned..

Thanks for any help!
When I do mine on the mini WSM, I do about 225 to 250 for two hours. I do not brine, but I do dust with a rub. As for wood, I like pecan, Apple and cherry. It all depends on what I have on hand. After that I simply throw them on the grill on high for about a minute on each side.
I realize that the Weber Smokey Mountain is not an electric smoker, but the temperature and time should be fairly close to what you have.
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I have the same plan for next weekend, and am using a WSM.  I was planning on using apple and cherry woods.

I've read different things on temps though, with several talking about smoking them at 300-400.  Another talked about removing the water from the pan and putting them back on to crisp the skin and cut down on the rubbery texture you might get otherwise.  My gas grill is on its last legs, so I don't really have that as an options, so I was going to go with the no water plan.

Most of the times I've seen are around 2 hours, but I think this is for full wings, not split (which I think it what you're talking about).

I was planning on making a run of garlic powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper, and then basting with a spicy garlic sauce about every 30 minutes.

Not trying to hijack this thread, but more trying to attach my noob wing wagon here.
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No need to brine leg and wings. All you need is a good rub that you like on poultry. I would go at that low temp if you are going to grill after or the skin is going to be rubbery. I smoke poultry at least at 300. There is nothing to break down at low temps. Just get that smoke flavor and serve. But this is just my opinion.
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Hey Tubro,

Sounds like you are on the right path. Buttermilk brine is awesome for yardbird. I usually don't cook chicken without it. I usually set the temp on my MES to 275 and let it roll during the cook. You are probably looking at around 2 hours. But that will almost always vary a little bit per cook. Just make sure you temp them before pulling. The skin is usually to my liking without having to throw over direct flame but some grill marks cant hurt anything. Just a word of caution from my previous experience though... Be careful with how much salt is in your rub after brining your bird. The brine is already seasoning with salt, so if your rub has a lot of salt then your meat will be very salty and may not be able to eat it. Trust me. I usually omit the salt from my rub after brining.

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With the high temps and long cook times, is there no concern for the meat being dry or too done due to the water bowl?  I only ask because I typically smoke a 2.5 lb turkey breast at about 225 for 2 hours, and this would be way less meat to cook.
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I'd do them all on the Weber personally.  Chicken doesn't benefit from long smoke times and also it does better with fairly hot direct heat from the get go.

How many wings and 22.5" kettle?

If you have a bunch of wings i'd just preheat your electric to as hot as those electrons will go...give them a quick cook to maybe 150-160* and finish on the kettle
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I love wings on my MES 30! I use Jeffs rub. Before I got my AMZNPS I would use hickory and apple-good combo. Smoke at 275* and check temp after 1 1/2 hours, usually done by then. Won't hurt them if they are over normal done temp. Mine are usually in the 180's or 190's after an hour and a half, but check temp! There's enough fat in them to keep them juicy. Then I throw them on a hot grill to crisp up the skin, just keep moving them around on the grill so they don't burn. Good luck and have fun!
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Looks like  a couple dozen wings and a dozen drumsticks.   22.5 grill...I think I can git them all on..
Looks like  a couple dozen wings and a dozen drumsticks.   22.5 grill...I think I can git them all on..
Oh heck yea.  Set it up for indirect with some hot coals and your preferred wood chunks....then cook to maybe 175-180 ish and sear over the fire.      Can't beat fire and wings!
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