Help with Thanksgiving travel

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Original poster
Nov 18, 2005
Have a Thanksgiving situation and need some advice. I live in Saint Louis and am traveling to Indy for Thanksgiving (4 hour drive). I am also smoking our turkey for Thanksgiving. The problem is we need to leave for Indy on Wed. afternoon and I cannot take my smoker and equipment with me. So I am smoking the turkey early Wednesday and then packing it up and traveling to Indy later on that day. We don't eat until Thursday noon, so that means I have almost 12 hours of trying to preserve my turkey. I have to put it in the fridge, but the question is how do I reheat it? Will it still taste good? Is this a good idea? Any suggestions.


Ben, Welcome to the Smoking Meat Forums. Your smoked turkey will be fine reheated. Just remember to reheat it to an internal temp. of 160 degrees. Safe Travels and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
Ben, Welcome aboard!

If the time were only 5 to 6 hours, you could preheat a normal cooler by dumping boiling water in it for an hour, dry it out and place your Turkey (right out of the Smoker) wrapped in HD Aluminum Foil and covered with a couple of "Damp" towels. At your destination, it will still be too hot to handle with bare hands and will be extremely tender! Being Poultry, I would not push it beyond the 6 hour mark.

Happy Thanksgiving and Good Luck!

I have to smoke a turkey tomorrow for serving Saturday night.
What temp and time should I reheat a 12# turkey at in the oven? Should I slice it cold before or after reheating? Should I baste too?

Courtland, you will need to take it up to 160 internal as mentioned above. The weight of the bird has no affect on the temp it must reach to be safe. It will stay much juicier if sliced after re-heated. I wouldn't think you would need to bother with basting it myself. If the oven time does anything it may help crisp up the skin somewhat.

Good Luck with your bird.
bpowers What I have done is smoked up the turkey. Let it sit for a bit so that I can handle it. Cut it up and place it in a crock pot. It will reheat nice and the moisture is still present is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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