Help With Making Chile Grill

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smokin for life

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Apr 21, 2007
I was thinking about making my own chile grill, not that I'm cheap, I know they're not expencive, I just like making things. My question is, "is there any reason I can't make it out of aluminum.?" It'll be about 1/8" thick. I'm not sure if the heat will make the aluminum give off any kind of gas, that will harm the meat. I figure the low temp. wouldn't bother the metal, but I'm not sure of the gases. I'm kind of hooked on ABT'S now and just making 5 or 6 isn't cutting it any more.
That's kinda of what I was thinking. Pots and frying pans are made from aluminum, and they'll be getting a lot hotter then what I'll be getting it. And you don't have to worry about it rusting. Thanks alot Triple B, I'll get to drilling it out tomorrow right after work. Hhhmmmm there's so many things I can stuff into them.
Hey Smokin ...please do show us some pics when you get er done
i have a couple of ideas...

- if you are good at welding, you could take some big stainless washers and weld them together...then add some long bolts for legs

drill some pilot holes in a baking sheet pan(aluminum or stainless)then cut out biggers holes with a dremmel or jigsaw.... you can cut the holes to the size you want...deburr with sandpaper or whatever works for ya

got a couple more ideas, they are simple to make i use a throw away baking pan and cut X's into it, stuff the pepper into the hole
i took the food rack out of my old LP grill; welded up a frame out of 1" angle iron; welded on 4 legs out of 1" square tubing; and welded the rack on top of it. i then took a plasma cutter, and cut every other wire out of it. works good. here is a pic of it.
You can build you a "chili griller" rack using 1 inch expanded metal sheets. Cut the sheet to the size you want or number of ABT's you want to make at a time and use some 2 inch bolts, washers and nuts in each corner for legs and you're good to go. I got this tip from Jim Minion and got the materials to build on-just haven't gotten around to do it or I'd have posted a pic. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.