HELP...wife is cutting me off

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Jun 21, 2007
Lee's Summit, MO
While running the GOSM last weekend I got what seems to be grease/smoke on the patio pavers. Seems the GOSM likes to seep some goo down the legs of the smoker.
I've been informed no more smoking until I get the stuff of the pavers.

I've tried simple green full stength with little or no effect !

Has anyone had a similar problem and what to use to get this stuff off?
Hit it with degreaser (SG will work I'm sure), let it soak for 15-30 minutes, then hit it with a power washer. Re peat if necessary... It'll come up.

Then fire up the GOSM and make mom a great dinner...
If you're going to place your smoker on anything might try putting down some sort of mat....maybe like this one?

Grill Mat


P.S. I noticed after the fact that it says "currently unavailable"...but I'm sure you can find something similar....
Before your wife performs a Lorena Bobbitt on you try that engine degreaser in the purple jug from Walmart in the automotive section. This is some strong stuff, a friend of mine stop by on his motorcycle and he left quite a spill in the driveway. I sprayed and used a stiff shop broom to scrub it in good, let it sit and work some more, respray and scrub. Finally took out the pressure washer and there was no more stain.

Another neat thing about this stuff is it is not hard on plastic. My son likes to make model cars and if he doesn't like the paint job we soak it in the grease remover and it removes the paint but does not harm the plastic.
Prevent the drippins from gettin' on the pavers with Drip pans like they use in auto/truck garages. Flat with maybe .75 " lip. Check auto parts stores. And the litter idea would make them easy to clean out.
More importantly how does that black stuff taste?

I have seen it drip down the side of my electric smoker too. Never had it make it all the way down and stain the concrete. My guess is a degreaser and a power washer or my dogs tongue will remove it
Most important, take command, tell her to live with it, keep smokin.
Thats easy to say while it's your wife and not mine
My GOSM leaks the same way from the left rear leg from time to time. I hane my unit setting on some old bricks that form my smoker base so it don't matter if it gets a little gunk on them.
But thanks to everyone for the degreaser info. I have some concrete areas that need some spot removal on my driveway.
I had a similar problem….I used an organic cleaner, sprayed it on, let set for a few minutes, then rinsed with the garden hose. It came right off (I'm trying to remember where I got it the stuff
I put mine on drip pan from an auto part store. Cheap and easy.

As for the pavers.....turn them over.
I would take some Dawn Dish Detergent or some concentrated Laundry soap and put on it and let it soak for a while; then wash off with some really hot water? I don't know if laundry spot remover would work; but it might be worth a try? Maybe some of the ladies might have a better idea. I could say the drip pans are a good idea and some floor dry if needed to soak up the grease? Semper Fi from Sedalia, MO.
I have had good luck with the purple degreaser products. Another trick I've used successfully with auto grease and oil on concrete is to apply sawdust or shavings to the spot, allow it to absorb, then sweep. Then I apply a solvent, I've used mineral spirits and even lacquer thinner, to the area and while still damp, apply more sawdust. Sucks it right out. If your pavers are sealed, I wouldn't try lacquer thinner though.
Luckily mine hasn't leaked yet, but I've heard of some guys setting the legs on small tin cans, them later rinsing the cans out. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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