help me figure this out..........

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I was just reading where someone had to throw out some meat because it was was two days past the date....I can not figure out how meat is cut and hung for forever, sent to be packaged, sent to stores to sell, WE buy it and within a few days it can go bad....

what the heck?

Hey Lisa, one thing that I found out is, when you get meat home from the store, poke a bunch of holes in the package so air can get to the meat. I don't know why this works, but it sure DOES work.
It think it has to do with temperatures. When I was a kid we used to go into the meat locker with our butcher and roll out the sides of beef o pork or whatever we had there. It was just above freezing. If I remember right it was like 34°F.
It's like planned obsolescence. We are lead to believe food we buy are time bomb. The best before dates are merely guidelines. I used to throw out things that're past the best before date, but have changed practice.

I used to by milk in bags as it lasted longest. Beef is aging in the cello packages. It would start smelling "funky" after awhile, but I cooked the last steak based on AB's description of aging beef. It wasn't a bad smell, just "funky". The steak did seem more tender and flavourful. I wouldn't do this with ground meat. Pork generally stays frozen after portioning. Chicken as well.

What I don't understand is the warning against refreezing thawed meat.....
I think that is mainly a liability issue.

We are all too stupid for our own's amazing we make it through the day without killing ourselves from our own dumb neglegence.

I'm taking Microbiology this next semester, so I'll probably be avoiding all food that hasn't been radiated, microwaved or incenerated for 6 months afterwards....
We have had this discussion on refreezing previously frozen meat, but it's been a long while back. So I'll comment on it again here.

Each time meat is thawed and refrozen, the ice crystals get larger. As these ice crystals have sharp edges, they slice into the meat fibers. The continued freeze/thaw, freeze/thaw will eventually turn the meat mushy.

That is why it is strongly suggested that thawed meat be cooked and then cooled and then frozen. Once the meat is cooked, the molecular structure is altered and freezing doesn't samage the meat any further.
see i don't know about all that & i've seen the hidden video peta took @ tyson farms- me personally i caught fish & did shrimp - ya pop it's head off & get it on ice (not a freezer boat) & maybe baking soda to keep fer 7 days- 100lms ice to 20 lbs shrimp & my reg. customers got them cold & kicking in hand.... i was never about quantity- when i sold shrimp i sold them kicking & cold... off the deck or delivered w/in 3 hrs live to your door... now thats fresh. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.