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Jun 21, 2019
Hi everyone. What kind of sausage stuffers do you own? And what kind of sausages do you cook? I would be very grateful if you could help me to choose the right sausage stuffer for a small business. I have found sausage stuffer reviews and would like to know your opinions, please! And thanks!
I have a 5 pound stuffer from TSM and a 20 pounder from Cabelas, both of these stuffers have served me well over the years.You will want a large capacity stuffer if you are doing large quanities
I have a 5# stuffer from Grizzly.. has served me well... One small stuffer for small batches would work well...
A stuffer that is motor driven will be needed for a one man operation.. even helps with a multi person operation...

Sausage Stuffers

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I have a 5 pound LEM for small batches and a 20 pound LEM motorized for larger batches. If you have a business you may want a larger stuffer.
I've also got the 5lb grizzly.. I regularly do 10-20lb batches and wish I had something larger at times. Obv you're gonna need something bigger than a 5 lber for a business setting. One thing to keep in mind is lots of stuffers cut off at even pounds.. like 5lb, 15lb, etc.. but good luck getting 5lbs or 15lbs in that thing without making a terrible mess with meat squishing out all over the place. Manufacturers really need to be making like a 6lb or 17lb so that you can actually fit and stuff your 5lb or 15lb batch in the thing.
I use a Talsa Hydraulic at work. Our production is about 2-300lbs of sausage a day, 5-6 days a week (twice that on holidays). 40-50lb capacity (depending on ingredients) and activated with your knee (hands free). It changed our lives when we got it several years ago, highly recommended.
I usually make 5 lb batches. I have the 5# (7L) stainless steel from Hakka -- Chinese made. However AND it is all metal gears. Have had it for 3 years now. Works great to have a dedicated stuffer. Was about $99 including shipping at the time. Probably a bit higher 3 years later. I'm very pleased with mine. R
I have a 9 pound Dakota hydraulic stuffer. I love it. I usually do between 5 and 10 pounds at a time.
Biggest question should be how big your batches will be? Most commercial season packaging are for 25 pounds of meat and that is about as much as you want to mix by hand. At work we have a 40 pounds hydraulic and a 100 pound water stuffer mostly use the 40 pounder for sausage. Our minimum batch is 10 pounds.

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