Help! got pictures of smoked brisket and home made smoker !

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Jul 2, 2006
I have tried and tried to send a picture but to no avail!!! Please send me some guidence!!! I must be having a brain cramp or smoke inhalation problems!!!!!

cajunsmoker sent me his e-mail yesterday and i hope that i sent them on correctly! thanks for the offer!

I am determined to get this picture thing figured out! I am hoping that my son will be able to help we he comes up for a visit in a week!
Hey Kathy,

Sorry for the delay, I didn't see the e-mail in my maze of e-mails.

Here are the pics for you. They are kind of small and I tried to resize them but they came out blurry so I am going to post them just like you sent them to me;

Pic #1

Pic #2

Pic #3

Pic #4

Pic #5

Pic #6

Hope this helps untill you get the bugs worked out. If you need me to post again just PM me that you are e-mailing and I will watch out for it. :D
Smokemom <Kathy> I have the opposite problem <laughing> my pics are too large. Nice job building your smoker.

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