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Debi - Lots of great info for newbies and for those wanting new recipes to try. Thanks for posting with us!

Keep Smokin
Very well done with detailed instuctions. This a great help to anyone that is just starting out. I printed out that marinade section, some tasty recipes there. Thanks for your hard work.

thanks much cause ya know I need all the help I can get... I tryed the can of beer in the chicken thing you all know how much pressure them cans build up with heat chicken everywhere if only I would have knowen to pop the cap .... only kidding guys ...but thanks again for all the help for us newbbies
It just reminds me Debi of how much I need to say thank you once more. I use your time-temp chart and your recipes constantly. I also look for your responses in various threads and look forward to your personal take on the subject. In my opinion you demonstrate constantly what each of us on this forum should strive to do. Again Thanks.
hillbilly you hit the nail on the head.. everyone has been great and very willing to help.. thank you all.. hope the little joke about the beer can blowing up the chicken was all taken in fun I am a jokester I guess that comes from being a magician you learn to joke around
Thanks all -

I will keep updating the site as I find things people need or want. You'll just have to keep checking.
Debbi, we need more people like you in my organization....consider moving to west Michigan? Your site must command tons of your time. Thanks for the time that your spend on our behalf. More people like you - better world.
Thank you Debi, your website is very helpful, If you ever need info. on locks or keys, email me
If you let me know what you need I might already have it. I just don't have everything organized yet.

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