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Oct 16, 2006
Kingsburg, CA
I am looking at upgrading to a new smoker. I currently have a cheap Char-broil water smoker. I have been looking at offset smokers since they seem to have more room for more meat. I was looking at spending about $200 and was hoping to get some ideas from you guys. The smoker I currently have my eye on is the Char-Broil Double-door. I would like a charcoal smoker as I enjoy spending some time maintaining it. (makes me feel a bit special) Any advice would be great.
The charbroil smoke pro is a nice unit with a side fire box. You might also consider a vertical, they have alot of space, you can still use charcoal and they don't use as much fuel. I think if you check the smoking meat store you'll find lots of good smokers!
Thanks for pointing the store out. I have looked through the forums but haven't really used the rest of the site much. There are a LOT of smokers available. Kind of overwhelming.
if yer looking @ a $200 budget thats a great smoker. i have a brink smoke-n-pit and buying another for a mate. for $139 & change @ wally world its great w/ a few holds food- check out some of my posts. it eats fuel but if ya get a wood fix- it's easy. the other i found fer a bit more(still under 200) is the charbroil silver smoker & there's a great mod thread here.great luck on yer search.
Okay, I looked at the vertical smokers and somewhat fell in love with a GOSM. The one I have been looking at is not charcoal but I think I may go this route anyway. It looks like there are a good number of people here who really like the GOSM and if I need a charcoal fix I always have my little smoker.
You can go propane and still throw in a cube or two of charcoal with the wood too. I don't know why but I like the taste of a few charcoals in my propane smoker. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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