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smokin' jay

Original poster
Apr 25, 2007
I've been lurking this site for about 3 months now, I figured I should join and start contributing.

I live in Iowa and have been smoking foods for about 5 months. I purchased an electric smoker (don't make fun of me) from Cabela's for Christmas and have been pretty successful with it. I'm planning on getting a Webber Bullet eventually and becoming a "real" smoker. I've smoked pork and brisket, but have been most successful with chicken. Thanks to all of you who I have "borrowed" ideas from. Hopefully I can repay the favor.
Welcome Jay! You have a REAL smoker, nothing wrong w/an elec smoker. Glad you signed up, look forward to your ideas/opinions and success/failure. Everyone here is learning from each other, some have more experience but that doesn't mean that a newbie can open ones eyes to something new.

sounds like you have done well w/chicken and not too impressed w/brisket & pork..................that is what this site is for.

Ask questions, as you have heard......there is no stupid question, only stupid answers.

Get your camera ready, as you know everyone wants pics.

see ya round, and check chat.........great place to really get to know people.
Welcome aboard smokinjay...lots of great friendly peeps here !
A hearty welcome from Canada as well!

I was a lurker myself ... about 3 hours as I recall

The great thing about Newbies are that they quite often have no preconceived ideas and therefore a fresh perspective .....

Hence, some good ideas!
Welcome Jay, Please feel free to share your smoking adventures. Keep in mind also that there is a wealth of knowledge here on the forum that you can draw from. Have fun.
Welcome to the SMF Smokin' Jay. I'm happy you decided to join in the fun. As everyone has stated a great bunch of folks here so jump right in with any and all questions and comments. Be sure to check out Jeffs free 5 Day eCourse, it's full of great info. So pull up a chair and enjoy and post often!!

Glad you found us!!
Welcome to the forum! Glad you decided to stop lurking and step into the smoke. Enjoy!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm planning on doing some smoking this weekend. It is suposed to be perfect weather. I'll be sure to post some pictures of my efforts.

Thanks again!
I've got both an ECB and custom pit (see avatar )...and I prefer the electric by a wide margin. Welcome to smf. You'll find a wide variety of smokers in here. There are no good or bad smokers, everyone uses what suits him/her....
I live in Western Iowa, but spend most of my work day in Omaha, NE. I live with my wife and son (one baby on the way) across the Missouri River.
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